Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite Holidays; a long weekend with friends and family, and TONS of FOOD!  As long as I can remember we’ve spent our Thanksgivings with our extended family – the Fredericks.  When I think of Thanksgiving some of my best memories are making butter (from scratch), pie for breakfast/lunch/dinner, turkey bowls, snow forts, dinosaur presentations, gummy worms, cracking cocanuts, playing Taboo, Paco and his peeing posey, Valatie, Hull, Nashville, Orlando, and Rochester.  As we’ve gotten older it’s been more and more difficult to assemble everyone in one place.  However, I just want to remind everyone (Jessica) that I will always have the best attendance record!

The Masterminds

When the Work Starts to Get Done

Thanksgiving Crew (Unfortunately Many Missing)

At Times, as Many as 14 Pies!

This year Thanksgiving was a little different.  We had our traditional celebration with the Frdericks a couple of weeks earlier; Thanksgiving was just a nice non-traditional dinner (pork tenderloin) with Mom, Dad, Ryan, Makiko, Evan, Owen, and of course Shannon.  Still absorbing the news from yesterday, I was emotionally unstable.  However, I still have so much to be thankful for, but most of all my support system; I have the best friends and family!  Thank you all so much!

Our Nephew Owen (O-man)

Thanksgiving also turned out to be a great opportunity to start talking about our road trip.  We decided that we would aim to leave on Monday morning.  This would hopefully give us time to get a suitable car, motorcycle trailer, wrap things up in Rochester for a while, and pack our clothes and camping gear.  This means we have a LOT to do before Monday; T-4 days!


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One Response to Thanksgiving

  1. Jessica says:

    You will always have me beat on Thanksgiving… and yeah, it irks me! 🙂

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