T-2 Days: Get A Motorcycle Trailer

Today’s goal, get a trailer to carry our motorcycles.  Ideally I would like to find a trailer that can haul three bikes: my Harley-Davidson Fat Bob and Ducati 800 Monster, and Dad’s Honda Shadow Spirit.  This way we can meet up with my brother Aaron in Raleigh, NC, and all three of us can ride down the east coast to Florida together.  After searching Craigslist and Google for options, it turned out the best solution was right in our backyard at Factory Direct Trailers in Ontario, NY.  They had several different shapes and sizes too choose from.  However, the decision was too difficult without more research.  Dad and I returned to the house, layed the bikes out in the barn in several different configurations to try to achieve the smallest trailer possible.  This is when I realized just how big the bikes really are.  We determined that we will need a 6′ x 12′ enclosed trailer.  Unfortunately, there is no way we can fit three bikes; the Ducati will get left behind, and the three of us will share two bikes.  We returned to the trailer store, and now Mom and Dad are officially the proud owner’s of an American Hauler “Nighthawk”.  Thanks Dad!!

This was a difficult task, and unfortunately it’s not finished.  We now have to sketch out a diagram of how the bikes will be laid out so Monday they can install wheel chocks and tie-downs to hold the bikes in place.  We also have to get a hitch installed on the car.  I fear that this will likely delay our trip by one day??


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7 Responses to T-2 Days: Get A Motorcycle Trailer

  1. Aaron Hoefen says:

    Nice looking wheels! Looks like it can sleep a family of 10! Just back the bikes up a little and good to go. You going to install a kitchen and bathroom?

  2. bhoefen says:

    With Shannon and my history with road trips, this might end up being my hangout after about a half hour. I think we should officially call it the “Dog House.” I should equip it with a bathroom/kitchen as it would be for my own comfort!

  3. Makiko says:

    My god, that’s a huge trailer! At least now, I could send Ryan to the “doghouse,” when we argue in Florida!

  4. bhoefen says:

    Definitely, use as necessary. Ry, if you’re going to be in the “Doghouse” anyway, you might as well come ride with us! Ha, just joking Makiko.

  5. Amber says:

    Hi! Heard about your blog from Mike Gratz. A road trip with family sounds awesome…especially with bikes! The smells are sights just seem better that way. A good book when you settle in at night is “The Ghost Rider” by Neil Peart (drummer from Rush). I look forward to hearing about your adventures. Keeping you all in thoughts and prayer.

  6. Aunt Bo says:

    Looks like a horse trailer to me…are you sure you are going to be riding bikes!!! Remember to post some pictures…I can envision you on a big bike but I am having trouble envisioning my brother on a big bike.

    Have a wonderful adventure…will look forward to reading another Hoefen blog.

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