T-2 Days: Sunday, A Good Blogging Day

The motorcycle trailer turned out to be a lot more involved and frustrating than I had anticipated.  After purchasing one, we soon learned that we would also need to install wheel chocks, tie-downs, straps, trailer brakes, and a brake controller; all in addition to finding a hitch for the car.  This is going to eat up Monday, so now we’re shooting to leave Tuesday morning; count down stays at T-2 Days.  Fortunately, the stores are all closed on Sunday because I could use a break from this task.

We also learned about some exciting news today; Ryan and David Curry have decided to help us rescue the Ducati motorcycle for the trip.  Due to the size of our trailer, we thought we’d be forced to leave it behind.  Ryan and David have decided to follow us down to Raleigh, NC in our parents truck, at which point they’ll hand the bike over to Aaron and head back home.  Really excited to have them on our trip and appreciate this great effort!

It turned out to be a good day to get caught up on my blog.  Today I created a new page titled “CCS Friends.” Carolina DeHond, another CCS patient, recently created an email network for a number of us affected by CCS.  It’s been so interesting and helpful to me to hear other patients stories; so surprising to me some of the parallels??  Where given permission, I have included their stories.  Thank you all for sharing!

Carolina DeHond

Mike Gratz

Dani Solberg


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Going on a road trip.
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2 Responses to T-2 Days: Sunday, A Good Blogging Day

  1. Laurel Grisewood Musser says:

    I just wanted to see what everyone looked like, it’s been so many years. Much love to the Hoefen Family!..Laurel(used to be a Grisewood) Musser

  2. That was very interesting blog post!!!

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