Finally, On the Road!!

“Murphy” was at work again; we planned to wake up early this morning and take the car to the trailer store one final time to get the brake controller installed and then be on the road by noon.  We dropped the car off in the pouring rain; everything seemed to be progressing on schedule.  We got the call that the car was ready as scheduled, picked it up, and started to drive away.  It was still raining, so we turned on the wipers, but they didn’t work!  The brake controller installers looked everything over and couldn’t figure it out, however they ensured us that it had nothing to do with the work they had just performed??

Shannon pulled through like a champ and lined up an appointment at the Volvo dealership in Rochester for 1 PM.  We waited and waited and finally got word around 4 PM that it was just a blown fuse and we got away for just $30; not bad considering the way things have been going.  When Shannon and mom got back we packed the car and hit the road in just 45 minutes; hope we didn’t forget anything.  We were just relieved to be hitting the road.  We started our caravan with Shannon, mom, dad, and I in the car hauling the trailer with the Harley and Honda motorcycles, and David and Ryan following in the truck hauling a trailer with the Ducati.  We were about 300 ft into our trip, and decided to adjust the trailer brakes; surprise, surprise, the brake controller didn’t have power!  Forget the stupid trailer brakes; WE’RE HITTING THE ROAD!

Ryan and David

Loading the "Nighthawk"

Our first planned stop was Skeeter’s BBQ in Shamokin Dam, PA, which was highly recommended by our friends Mary Lee & Reggie.  Unfortunately, due to our late start we would not be able to make it by their closing time of 10 PM.  Though just the thought gave us a craving for BBQ, so we settled for Smokey Joe’s in Williamsport, PA.  Couldn’t resist trying their mac n’ cheese with andouile sausage and jalapenos; not bad!  Went well with my hallf rack of ribs.  Washed it all down with a $4 pitcher of Pabst Blue Ribbon; Ahh, the best things in life.

Smokey Joe's

Smokey Joe's BBQ

Today was mostly just highway driving with the intention of getting to warmer weather quick.  Thanks to some awesome care packages from Mario & Michelle, Grandma Auble, Jennifer, Makiko, and Reggie & Mary Lee we had plenty of great snacks.  We arrived at our final destination of Rockville, MD at 2 AM.  We crashed at a Courtyard Marriott, where we receive the extremely reasonable employee rate thanks to my brother Aaron;  makes traveling so much easier and more comfortable, though we still plan to do some camping.  Can’t wait to break the motorcycles out tomorrow when we get a little further south!

Day 1


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10 Responses to Finally, On the Road!!

  1. Michelle says:

    Bret, this is so fun and exciting to read, I think i have been checking your site 5 times a day to see where your adventures will take you guys! I feel like we are right there with you (only wish we really were). Have fun!!! Hope you beat the heavy rain we are getting down this way!

  2. David and Laraine says:

    Bret and Shannon,
    We are so glad that you finally got on the road– despite the setbacks and the rain!!!
    The two of you inspire us with your amazing grace and wonderful smiles! We pray your journey is filled with warm sunshine, blue skies and good times with family and friends.
    Remember — the Cotton Tree House on Harbour Island awaits……. 🙂
    Stay safe!
    David and Laraine

  3. Sally Leeson says:

    Good for you that you are finally on the road and on your way to warmer weather. That BBQ description made me hungry and it is only 9:30 in the morning! I look forward to hearing all about your trip. Say “Hi” to Betsy and Jim – really cool parents on an amazing road trip!

  4. Emily I. says:

    Best of luck on your road trip Bret! Sounds like a really awesome ride. Dan and I wish you and Shannon and your parents a trip full of beautiful memories and experiences together. You are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. Bret, you are an incredible, wonderful person and one of the sweetest people I have ever met – my outage buddy, my condenser cohort. I’ll never forget you. God bless and enjoy your ride!

  5. Debbie says:

    Hmmmm! Smokey Bones BBQ! Please tell me you had the cornbread. Wait–I see that you did. Excellent choice! When you head out to OBX (that’s Outer Banks slang, ya know)–if you want EXCELLENT seafood, make your way to Duck, NC. Yuuummmy! You’re finally on the road and I hope you’re already having fun!! I can’t wait to read more and experience the trip with you guys. LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Drive safely!

  6. Marianne Borrelli says:

    Good thing you got out of Rochester when you did. I hear they are getting snow! Enjoy a safe and exciting trip. Hi to Jim , Betsy and Ryan. Looking forward to reading about all you experiences! Love you

  7. Karen (Stowe) and Jon Cottrell says:

    We hope that you have wonderful travels, good weather, and great food where ever your travels take you and your family. It is good you got out of Rochester when you did because we did get about 2-3 inches of snow today. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Looking forward to reading more about your awesome trip on this blog. Best wishes!

  8. Jarred Jackson says:

    Just a quick note to let you know I am following along on the ride. Good luck and have fun!

  9. Pat Gratz says:

    You are welcome to South Gulf Cove Florida if you can get here by the 18th. Although the weather has turned somewhat cooler it will be balmy compared to NY. Prayers that your strength and stamina to overcome all the obstacles that you have already and undoubtedly will continue to encounter during your travels do not weaken. God be with you.

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