Cold Front, Warm Friends

Over the past few days I’ve been blown away by all of the comments that have been posted on my blog.  People from all different stages of my life have been encouraging and supporting me; it gives me energy and drives me.  Thank you all so much!

Nags Head - Hotel Balcony

We woke up this morning in Nags Head, NC to bright sunshine and a picturesque view of the beach.  Although sunny, it was still extremely cold, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a walk on the beach; favorite warm drink in hand.  Mom was the only one courageous enough to go into the water; she’s officially a member of the polar bear club!  It’s a subtlety, but the wave caught her off guard with her back to the water.

Nags Head Beach

Mom's Feet

After we had soaked up the scenery for a bit, we headed for Raleigh, NC.  The drive is amazing – bridges, marshes, and cotton fields.  As we rolled into Raleigh, Shannon and I enjoyed the nostalgia of our college days in Raleigh at North Carolina State University.  We met up with my brother Aaron who had flown in from Orlando, FL to join us, along with our good friends Timpla & Porter, Bree, and Thomas.  We all gathered at Harrison’s Bar & Grill.  This was an old stomping ground of ours and the home of the best buffalo chicken sandwich; I’m a huge connoisseur.  It felt a lot like the old days.

Harrison's Bar & Grill

Three Peas in a Pod - Shannon, Bree, & Timpla

Harrison's Buffalo Chicken

After lunch, we had a difficult decision to make.  Ryan and David had reached the end of this part of the journey, and were ready to head back home to Rochester, NY along with the second trailer.  Do we have them leave the Ducati with us, or take it back home??  We only have space in our trailer for two motorcycles, and with the Ducati, we would have three motorcycles.  That means someone has to ride at least one bike from Raleigh to Orlando.  Normally this would be a no brainer, but the weather has been extremely cold!  As always when a decision is left to Aaron and I, we egged each other on to the most challenging conclusion; bring the bike.

Tonight we would shoot for Myrtle Beach, SC.  Aaron and I started off on the motorcycles.  The first hour was great, however, the sun began to set, and the temperature dropped to the low 30s.  Eventually, I needed a break from the cold, so Dad took a stint on the bike.  After about a half hour, Aaron and Dad pulled off to the side of the road to warm up; they looked like popsicles!  I couldn’t let Dad suffer any longer for our decision.  I jumped back on the bike, and Aaron and I made it through the rest of the ride to Myrtle Beach by joking around and reminiscing on the helmet radios about stories of our childhood on Peglow Rd.

Yes, Dad is Wearing Leather Chaps

On the subject of childhood memories, our night was spent with one of the most influential teachers from my high school days, Coach Martello; my track and x-country running coach.  Through my blog, Rich and Linda contacted us and invited us to stay with them in their condo in Myrtle Beach.  It just happened that we were heading in their direction.  It had been years since I had seen them, and it was awesome to spend some time together!

Coach Martello

Day 3


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18 Responses to Cold Front, Warm Friends

  1. Aunt Bo says:

    Sounds like an awesome day. You are such an inspiration to all of us. Thanks for the picture of your Dad on the bike. I am beginning to believe it…beginning!

    I am hoping for warmer weather today. Very very cold here. High of 34.

    Love to all of you!

  2. Kay and Larry Thomas says:

    We are following every step-or should we say cycle, of your family journey thanks to your blog. It is so wonderful to know that you are so blessed with a precious supportive wife and family right there all the time.
    May each moment bring a new surprise and special insight into your mind that you can hold on to as you seek your peace.
    One thing that we can do from Wayland is keep all of you in our prayers.
    Your friends, Kay and Larry

  3. Michelle, Mario, and Simona says:

    Sounds like so much fun! I have such energy (and travel excitement) from reading your posts. You have some amazing friends!
    All our love!
    PS- Uncle Jim- love the leather chaps!!!

  4. Sally Leeson says:

    I’m sure Linda and Rich were so very glad to have you visit with them in Myrtle Beach. I’m also sure that Martello hospitality was in full swing. Good times! Bret, you are a blessing to so many people!

  5. Uncle Kevin & Aunt Judy says:

    Hooray! I think I finally figured out how to post a comment!! We’ve been following you all day by day and we are in awe of your whole adventure. Hope you can feel our daily thoughts and especially our prayers for your journey. (warm weather for you is at the top of the prayer list 🙂 We had several inches of snow on Weds and wanted to send you a picture, but haven’t quite mastered that phone camera. Maybe next snowfall. Can’t wait to read each night where you’ve been. We love you all.
    UK & AJ

  6. Debbie says:

    Greetings Road Warriors!!

    Myrtle Beach–my old stomping grounds! I hope you’re planning on heading towards Charleston area from there–it is an unbelievable road (if you take the back roads). All those old oak trees covered in Spanish Moss, looks like something from Gone With the Wind which I know Shannon will appreciate.

    Miss you guys! Love the pics and I’m printing out the one of all of you on the beach 🙂 Poor Betsy, I hope her toes survived the cold waters of the Atlantic.

    Keep on trucking and be careful out there! As always, my thoughts and prayers ride along with you with every single mile. Love you all so much!

    Debbie (aka, Sissy)

  7. Bree Miller says:

    Glad to see you all made it to Mrytle safe and sound! It was great seeing you all yesterday…and yes, the Buffalo Chicken sandwich was awesome! Hopefully we’ll get to meet up again soon! Until then, be safe and have fun!!! Charleston or Savannah????? I can’t wait to see what you decide!

  8. John Brown says:

    Wyatt and Billy,

    Thanks for letting us all ride along…God’s love and blessings.

    john and santina

  9. Uncle Lee and Aunt Sharon says:

    Bret and Shan, Bets and Jim,
    So happy to read your latest update this morning. Glad Aarie is now with you and you were able to endure that cold, cold ride to Myrtle Beach!!!! Hopefully you will only have warmth and sunshine surrounding you now. Bets, sounds like you should consider the Polar Plunge after your surprise splash from the ocean! 🙂 So glad you have met up with so many special friends already. Ry and Dave, how special you have been able to share this part of the trip all together. Be safe in your travels home to Rochester.

    Bret, what a blessing you are to so many through this wonderful blog! We pray you will continue to be energized by all the loving and encouraging posts. I also have to say, you are an AMAZING writer. Perhaps a special gift you may not even have realized that you have. You definitely inspire my efforts! 🙂

    Enjoy all the special moments that await you on this journey, stay safe and believe in the amazing power of the human spirit. May your spirit soar as you travel your dream. We love you all so much!

  10. Lisa (Moore) Boomhower says:

    Bret and family,

    You may not ever remember me, but I was in Ryan’s class in high school. I cherished the many memories that I have of my years at Wayland Central. Kristie Bergvall had passed on the link to your blog and I was very amazed by your story. You have a wonderful family and network of people that love and support you. Please know that when we come from a small town and have a story such as yours, we are touched because in some way we are connect. Please enjoy your journey, let it be a safe one and cherish the memories you are making.

    In friendship,
    Lisa (Moore) Boomhower

  11. Gordon R . Cook says:

    Bret, as the news of your blog slowly weaves it way thru the plant there sure is alot of people wishing you all the best and hope that there will be more post of people supporting you courages journey, my thoughts are with you, Stay strong my friend and enjoy!

  12. sandyrubin says:


    I have great memories of you treking up Mt. Marcy when you were nine years old, along with your brothers, my two sons, your dad and I…you were a trooper, never a complaint, and so your Harley journey at this juncture doesn’t surprise me in the least. What was a bit surprising, however, was my attempting to conceptualize the spectre of your dad on a motorcycle adorned in all leather no less. If you have the opportunity, I bet I’m not the only one on your blog who would greatly appreciate a close up picture of you with your dad in his all leather, helmets removed.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story so eloquently and so openly. I feel very privileged to participate in your journey from afar. You are an inspiration to all who read your blog.

    Best Wishes,
    Sandy Rubin

  13. Al & Sharon Butcavage says:

    Enjoy the ride Brett ……will keep a candle burning for you in Rochester…

  14. Mike Annett says:

    I’m glad to see you are making good time. – Mike Annett

    “We want to make good time, but for us now this is measured with emphasis on “good” rather than “time” and when you make that shift in emphasis the whole approach changes.” – Robert M. Pirsig – Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

  15. Pat says:

    News of your trip has made it’s way throughout the company. My wife and I send prayers your way that you complete your trip and enjoy the ride.

  16. Robin Lickliter says:

    Peglow Road stories! I bet Tommy has a lot of those. I’m pretty sure I have long term damage from jumping out of the rafters in the barn. Good times!

  17. Gina Mathis says:


    What a man. What a journey. What a story. Your words pulls all of us in like a lassoed heartstring. All of us are your devoted readers as you chronicle this inspiring story. We’re your fist pumpin’ cheering section as you cross over state lines, and your prayer chain of well wishes for a warm ride, beautiful memories, and a renewed spirit as your 2 wheels carry you to adventures yet discovered. You are amazing, my friend!

    Gina in Cairo

  18. Aaron King says:

    I was re-reading the blog again last night and I recalled a story from our track days with Martello. Perhaps a bit embarrassing… on your end;) But I thought it might get a chuckle out of you.

    If you recall, we were doing sprints down the main hallway in the winter before we were able to make it outside for the season. We had just finished one straight going from the auditorium down to the (at the time) middle school end on the “balcony.” Once we were down there, I dont have a clue as to how it got started, but you whipped out a nipple hair that had to be at least 2-3ft long and were quite proud of it! I laughed along as I was one of the younger kids in the group, but something that I remember as part of my track days!

    Good luck in the keys!

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