I can’t get my core temperature back up!

This morning we woke up to another beautiful sunny day with an amazing view of the ocean from the Martello’s condo in Myrtle Beach; apparently clear sunny days are a lot more common in the south than Rochester??  As Sally alluded to in her comment, Martello hospitality was definitely in full swing and I can’t tell you how much this visit meant to me;  thank you!  As we said our final goodbyes to Linda, I didn’t see Coach Martello.  I began to ride off, and then saw him on the opposite side of the road waving and cheering me on once again.  This was symbolic to me of all those cross-country races where Coach Martello always drew the best out of me.  Coach Martello, you’re in my hall of fame!

With the Martello's

It was another cool morning, so we left Myrtle Beach for Charleston, SC in full gear.  As the sun rose we were able to pare down more and more layers, which made the ride considerably more comfortable.  Eventually it warmed up enough for Shannon to jump on the back of the bike; this was a highlight for me!

Shannon & I have a quirky sense of humor

We landed in Charleston with just enough time to balm around the battery on the bikes for a little while and grab some dinner.  South Carolina is one of those unique states where no motorcycle helmet is required.  This usually doesn’t mean much to me, but it sure was fun this time to ride around the battery and check out all of the amazing houses, architectural details, and courtyards with a full view.

Aaron, Dad, and I in Charleston, SC

One of many great scenes in Charleston

Our final destination for the night was Savannah, GA.  By the time we left for Savannah, the sun was beginning to set, and again it was cold.  To compensate for the cold, Aaron, Dad, and I take turns on the bikes two at a time.  Whenever I get back into the car, I can’t help but think of  “The Hot Tub” episode of Seinfeld, with Kramer yelling “I can’t get my core temperature back up!”

Day 4

Today I had the honor of adding another friend under my CCS Friends link; Holly Burke.  Holly’s story, written by Holly’s mother Carol, is incredibly inspirational; I would have definitely liked to have known her.  This was a particularly difficult read for me as I can’t help but assume that I will face many similar challenges here soon.  Carol, thank you for sharing this.

Holly Burke

Rochester’s Demacrat & Chronicle posted an article today, Penfield Couple Search for Any Cure for Rare Cancer.  This article is about another CCS Friend, Carolina DeHond’s, battle with CCS: http://www.democratandchronicle.com/article/20101202/NEWS01/12020340/1002/NEWS


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16 Responses to I can’t get my core temperature back up!

  1. Ernie Taormina says:

    It looks like you guys are having a great time. I’ll see you when you back to Rochester. Enjoy the ride.

  2. JLaG says:

    Love to see you two riding on the bike together. Rock on! Stay warm. Love you guys.

  3. Mike says:

    You are making and giving so many amazing memories on this trip. I get excited for each new post. Lynn wants to fly down and meet you somewhere.

  4. Ray Ferran says:

    Ray fr Antiek Journeys
    For once I’m speechless…you’re a way better man than me.
    Enjoy the love around you…travel safe

  5. HP says:

    We totally need to get you guys Biker Names (though I am still much better with naming your gospel band 🙂 ). You two are awesome! Hope the weather is warmer for you this weekend. Ride on!

  6. Debbie says:

    Good morning Road Warriors!

    I agree with HP–you guys need Biker names! Since you guys are one big pack, I think it should be “Wolf” names (also since you’re both NC State grads). Like–the ShadowWolves Biker Gang. Bret could be Howler Hoefen and Shannon could be Alpha Female..LOL! Just call them Howler and Alpha.

    AND LOOK AT MY SISTER–I think some of my TV skills have rubbed off. Shannon, I’m so impressed with your editing skills! Nicely shot and nicely edited, loved the music too!

    You both are such an inspiration to so many people, including me. Courage, hope, love and your sense of adventure and a Simper Fi attitude. I’m so amazingly proud of all of you for taking this trip.

    Bret–a tip from all the motorcyclists I knew when I lived in Wisconsin…stop by a sporting goods store along the way and buy those hand warmers you “pop” to warm up, they’re about 25 cents each. Place them in your socks and boots and inside your shirts and gloves and they’ll help you get your core temp back up, LOL!

    Love you all so much–keep it in the road and once more, I’m with you every single mile you travel.


  7. Fran and Murph says:

    Hello Brett and family,
    We are with you on the ride!! You are all in our thoughts and prayers as your journey continues. I’m not sure if you will be reaching Ft. Myers but if the bikes bring you to southwest Florida please call us and plan a stop. We have private accomodations for the entire family. 585-732-2794 (c)
    Safe travels.
    Love, Fran and Murph

  8. david says:

    At 12:56AM on the ride home as I write this, Ryan and I ((aka the “Rubber Ducati hauling Duck”) hit flurries on the way back to Rochester with an empty trailer. Mission Accomplished. We believe we successfully took Murphy and his law back to NY with us when somewhere below Harrisburg PA, we realized that the heater in the pickup was broken (sorry Jim…I can get it looked at for you if you want so you don’t have to mess with it when you get back). We all had a chilly ride that day. Hopefully Murphy leaves you alone for the rest of your trip.
    I can’t tell you enough how honored I was to be a part of this journey Bret. Some memories:
    1 – First ride through Virginia – Bret and I are along-side a police cruiser and I can tell Bret wants to do something, but not sure what as he accelerates then decelerates. The cruiser drives away, we stop at a traffic light, Bret says “I thought I might just rip by that guy at 80 mph, just so I can get a picture of me holding the ticket….”…. “Not a bad idea Bret, just as long as you don’t wind up in the joint in wherever-we-are Virginia!”
    2 – I forgot how everyone in the south says hi to you wherever you are,
    3 – We stopped at what looked like a gas station, to find it was an artist’s studio who takes pieces of PVC pipe, and makes them into really neat bird sculptures. Who sees birds in PVC? The art is all out in the open, for sale, and on the honor system. We didn’t buy anything, because we had no cash, but if you are ever there, or interested, email these folks and support them as they were kind enough to let us use their lot to stow the bikes.
    4 – On the drive down, Ryan and I have a truck full of amazing junkfood(thanks Makiko, i love snickers), stick meat, wireless technology, laptops, 3G-4G cards, Ipads, Iphones, inverters, GPSx3, cables everywhere. Motorcycles are kind of simple in contrast.
    David – “Ryan, you see a temperature gauge in here anywhere? I wonder if it’s freezing out, the road is starting to look shiny” as we drive through the cold rain in Pennsylvania,
    Ryan-“let me check” as he picks up the iphone to look up the local weather reporting station, I stick my hand out the window, nope, not freezing……
    5 – “Look baby the OCEAN!!” Shannon exclaims as we go for a morning walk in the Outer Banks to the beach. The love the 2 of you have for each other is so beautiful to be around.
    There’s no question of how much you all love each other, and again, it was an honor to be there. It was great riding with you, thanks for the gloves or I wouldn’t have lasted as long! Ride on my friend, and I’ll see you again.

  9. Aunt Bo says:

    Reading your blog is the highlight of my day ( sorry Ryan and Makiko you have real competition now). I loved the video and music. You guys rock.

    whenever I read your adventures I feel I am traveling right along side you…you have a great way with words. Thanks for taking the time to include all of us in this journey.

    enjoy the warm weather and sunshine..not much of that happening here!

  10. Kim R. with Marriott says:

    Hi Bret, Aaron has shared your story with his friends at Marriott and I wanted you to know that we are cheering you on. My husband Tommy and I love to ride, I am so happy you are doing something you enjoy. We are following your story daily, thank you for the inspirations that you give to others!!!! All the love to you!!! Kim

  11. Aimee Bergvall says:

    Hi Bret, Shannon, Bets and Jim –

    Just caught up with your blog. My love goes out to you guys. Bret – you were an inspiration to me as an artist when we were young. You continue to inspire me today. I hope you may consider making your way to the wild wild west. Phoenix will welcome you with mountain views and warm sunny days – perfect for biking! (And I would love to see you!!) We will be following you on your adventure.

    Aimee and Al

  12. Kathi says:

    Hi Bret & Shannon, Jim & Betsy,
    I have to tell you I am honored to be following you guys on your journey. Hope the weather gets better for you soon! Jim you will not tell me how warm my office is any longer. I really can’t believe you were cold!
    Mark and I check your site each evening. Bret we are pulling for you, love your attitude! I thought the police cruiser story was funny. You be careful!
    All have a safe and WARM continuation of your trip. Will be checking in again.
    Betsy I will have pie waiting for you when you get back.
    Love you all,

    • Jim & Betsy says:

      Kathi – so good to hear from you and Mark. This has been an incredible experience. But behind all of the excitement Bret is incredibly courageous. You wouldn’t know it by talking to him but it’s a struggle each day. He has really enjoyed compiling the blog and has drawn a lot of strength from the comments from readers. The number of readers is phenomenal.

      We are extremely appreciative of your support and look forward to hearing from you again!

      Jim & Betsy

  13. Michael Frohlich says:

    Bret & Shannon –

    You guys are really an inspiration! Your blog is the first thing I read each morning and always look forward to getting updates from your trip. Absolutely love the video you posted – and all the smiles in the pictures.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys when you get back if you are in Pultneyville over Christmas when I am at my folks house. I will keep my eye out for some good spirits to share!

    I will have to tell you the story of the first time I got on a Harley – long story short, I figured the throttle was like one on a moped – well I left a very long burn mark on my future father in law’s driveway and nearly took out the neighbors mailbox – so I applaud your road adventure!

    Enjoy the ride and hope nothing but good weather and the open road awaits you on your journey.

  14. Loretta says:

    Bret and Shannon – I’ve been reading the story of your journey since Shannon posted the link on facebook. You’re both truly amazing! Shannon – your sister is right, you did a great job on the riding video! Enjoy the days ahead and enjoy the sunshine! Not so shiny here in Rachacha. You’re all in my prayers. In the simple words of an old 60s (or was it 70s?) saying, “keep on keeping on”.

  15. Loraine says:

    Hey Buddy, those dudes at airport security do not know anything about
    PERSONAL BOUNDARIES!!!! Keep the Spirit.

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