Happy New Year!

Yesterday morning I went back to Dana-Farber for a quick follow-up appointment; a few simple EKGs then I would be free for two weeks.  They had a some concern with my ST levels??  Said it could indicate a heart attack, but it seemed consistent with my baseline EKGs so that would be unlikely.  They let me head back out on the road with medication in hand.  Ryan, once again they gave me a copy of the EKG so you could analyze.  Can we do a blog consultation?


We made it to the Boston Airport with plenty of time to spare.  We’ve been hustling around a lot lately, so it was nice to have some down time to relax and get some food.  That’s when Mom and Shannon started to notice the side effects of the Crizotinib settling in; my head became quite swollen….

Swollen Head

No worries, I took an anti-inflammatory and the swelling went down quickly.  Apparently I took too much, and overcompensated…

Shrunk head

I said “Beetle Juice” three times, and everything seemed to return to normal.  Now I’m just waiting for the superhuman powers to kick in.  Alright, so maybe we had too much down time at the airport.  In all seriousness, the side effects have been minimal so far.

Our layover flight to Miami left about 45 minutes behind schedule; we would have to hustle to catch our connecting flight back to New Orleans.  We were the last people on the plane, but we did make it on time.  However, our luggage didn’t.  When we landed in New Orleans, Jeff, Katie, and Amanda were ringing in the New Year at Jackson Square.  We were still at the airport making plans for our luggage that would hopefully be arriving the following day.

Jeff, Katie, & Amanda at Jackson Square

Shannon & Mom at Airport Baggage Claims

Fortunately this is New Orleans, and the party continues all night.  By the time we caught up with Jeff, Katie, and Amanda at about 2 AM, Bourbon Street was still in full effect.  Starving, we first stopped by Arby’s to grab a quick bite to eat.  Not so quick, everyone was stopping in with the late night munchies.  While in line, Shannon, Mom, & Jeff were making new friends.  Shannon was apparently representing the “West Coast??”  Bourbon Street was great; craziest party I’ve ever been to.  The clinical trial I’m on doesn’t allow me to drink alcohol, so I felt out of place amidst the craziness.  However I was much better able to observe the madness.  Happy New Year everyone!  2011 is going to be a great year!!

Up in Arby's

New Year's on Bourbon Street

Day ??


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10 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Michelle, Mario, and Simona says:

    Looks more crazy than Times Square!!! Glad you all had a great NYE and cant wait to hear where the New Year takes you!!!

  2. Christine says:

    Hi Bret, I think I kind of like the large head. And with that party, who needs to deal with luggage. Looks like 2011 is looking up already!

  3. Ryan says:

    Happy New Year! You have “early repolarization” on your EKGs, which is noted by upsloping ST segments. It’s not of any concern and is quite common among thin, young, athletic people. It should be clear that you’re not having a heart attack because 1) the upsloping ST segments of early repolarization are somewhat different than the downwardly concave ST elevations of a heart attack, 2) it is the same as your baseline EKG, and 3) you don’t have crushing chest pain. It’s funny how often cardiologists are called for EKGs like this where this third point in particular is overlooked. It would be a good idea to hang onto a picture of your EKG in case you ever have to convince anyone else that you are not having a heart attack.

  4. Cousin Mike says:

    Yo Shan-bob–wiggity wiggity wegmans! What’s your gang affiliation–we may not be cool anymore….
    Brett, the Beetlejuice plug–classic!!

  5. Uncle Lee and Aunt Sharon says:

    Happy New Year Bret, Shan and Bets!

    We’re glad to hear all went well with the trial doses of Crizotinib and you got the okay to head to New Orleans. However, Bret you goof, you did have me worried for a very brief minute talking about side effects …….until I saw the big, then shrinking head! I think you and Mike should team up with your material – you could write great comedy! Maybe a gig on SNL?
    Bourbon Street looked wild – what an amazing place to ring in the New Year! It must be like the Times Square of the South – maybe a bit crazier! 🙂 So glad you guys- Jeff, Katy and friends could all experience it together.
    I have a feeling there were many toasts in your honor last night as we all look forward to a New Year that will bring the miracle we’re all hoping and praying for.
    May your inspiring insight and wonderful positive attitude continue to illuminate your bright smile, your spirit and the love that is you. Here’s to that great 2011 – we love you, Bret, Shan and Bets, more than words can say.

  6. Carol burke says:

    Day-O I say Day-O! Hey Still maybe headin to Destin?!!

  7. Shan (Shannon Hoefen) says:

    Yo, that gang sign is for all the Rochacha’s…can I get a wicky, wicky, Wegmaaans? Hollah.

  8. Marianne Borrelli says:

    Glad to see you made it safe and sound back to New Orleans! Don’t worry about not being able to drink, I’ll bet everyone else will help you out there Bret! I know I had one or two for you last night! Wishing you all the goodness that 2011 has to offer.

    I laughed quite hard about your side effects. Glad thats under control now!

    Love Auntie Cuz

    • edward.pucci says:

      keep on going…Your story has move us all. You might not remember me, I taught with your mom at Wayland [a hundred years ago] Only good memories, and now we have some beautiful memories from you. Thank you for sharing. the pucci,s

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