Da da di di di di do, Da da di di di di do

We woke up in Baton Rouge and planned out our route for the day.  We decided to keep the traveling light and drive only about one hour to nearby Lafayette.  Jeff planned a nice scenic route through the Bayou that would avoid the highways.  Still exhausted I started the trip with a nap in the back of the car.  As I woke up Mom, Shannon, and Jeff had the car and trailer on a narrow back rode next to a levy, and they were trying to turn the car around while constricted by the levy.  They explained to me how they just launched the car and trailer off the levy, and they were surprised that I slept through the whole event.  Dad, I didn’t find it funny either.

Volvo & Trailer After Crash Landing Off Levy

After several days without the bikes the warm sunny afternoon seemed like an ideal time to roll out the Harley and do a little riding.  As we headed for our destination, The Tabasco Museum on Avery Island, we passed through some amazing Bayou scenery: old oak trees covered in Spanish moss; marsh lands; country churches; plantation style homes; and small rural homes most of which had a Bayou style boat in the driveway.  Great to be back on the bike, but not the same without my father, brother, and buddies from Ginna.

Been too Long

We crossed onto Avery Island, and pulled up to the Tabasco Museum and Factory  housed in a huge old brick building.  As I photographed the welcome sign, I again noticed the creepy statue from New Orleans; definitely appears to be following us…I’m starting to get a little concerned.  The museum tour, led by a woman with a deep Louisiana accent, consisted of a brief welcoming, movie overview of the company, and finally a walk through the factory.  Jeff, an (advanced, he added) manufacturing engineer, was very insightful as we passed through the factory floor pointing out the intricacies of the bottling process.  Apparently they roll out 700,000 bottles each day.  Afterward we stopped by the Country Store and picked up some Tabasco flavored ice cream, beef jerky, and t-shirts.

There is that Creepy Statue Again

Tabasco Museum Tour

Factory Floor

By this point Mom had been requesting zydeco music for miles.  At the hotel, we inquired with the front desk about the best Louisiana food served with zydeco music; she sent us to Prejean’s.  We walked into a large dining room decorated as the Bayou with plastic trees dressed with Spanish moss, a preserved alligator, live Cajun music, and an older couple doing some Cajun dancing.  Anxiously I opened the menu and had a hard time deciding on which of the many Louisiana dishes I was in the mood for.  I definitely wanted a taste of the Bayou, but I wasn’t feeling overly adventurous tonight.  I went for the blackened catfish over white rice covered in the crawfish etoufe gravy while Shannon stepped it up a notch and ordered the alligator stuffed with shrimp and crab.  The food was good, but overall none of us felt that it warranted the $20+ plate price tag.  By the end of the meal the music was ringing as “da da di di di di do, da da di di di di do” like the scene from The Heartbreak Kid where Ben Stiller is fed up with the Mexican Band aggravatingly playing music at every turn.

Prejean's Restaurant

Alligator Stuffed with Shrimp & Crab

Cajun Dancers

The highlight was the restaurant’s webcam.  I called Aaron and asked him to log onto the website and say hello.  He captured this image of him, watching me talk to him, while having my picture taken, talking to him watching me???  (See Jeff taking picture to the right)

Restaurant Webcam


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5 Responses to Da da di di di di do, Da da di di di di do

  1. Johnny Z. says:

    Bret, I know I can speak for the rest of the Ginna crew when I say that we are with you every mile of your journey. Much like others, I am on your blog several times a day reading every word and laughing at every joke. Sorry this is the first time I have posted on your blog, but from the minute I first read it, we (your Ginna buddies) were scrambling to get to Florida to join you. Then upon our return to NY I have just been left speechless trying to figure out how to put the greatest week of my life into words. Well I still can’t do it, at least not good enough to give it justice. Your family is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see you all again. Thank You Aaron and Betsy for all the help picking out the perfect tattoo, it is truly inspirational to me.

  2. Uncle Lee and Aunt Sharon says:

    Hi Bret, Shan, Bets and Jeff,

    Another great day of adventures! We too, love reading where your travels have taken you everyday and feel like we’re right there experiencing the fun and the food by your descriptive narratives. Interesting, how that creepy statue keeps following you everywhere! He really looks pretty harmless though – he just appears to sit there!
    I’m curious about the tabasco flavored ice cream – was it good? And Shan, I don’t know about that alligator stuffed with shrimp and crab…..you are definitely adventurous! Bets, glad you got your zydeco music – Prejeans sounds like it was a fun place.
    Glad you’re back in to warmer weather – it started snowing pretty steadily here tonight changing our nice green lawns to a blanket of white in minutes! Our early January thaw is predicted to turn into the deep freeze by next week! Brrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!
    Sounds like you’re Riding in a Good Direction as you head West. Enjoy every minute and new adventure and know we’re riding right along with you every mile. Sending you all hugs and much love for the ride.

  3. Cousin Mike says:

    You are so much more adventurous with food than I am. Even if I wasn’t gluten free, I’d be ordering toasted cheese at every stop. I think if I was traveling with you guys, I too would be like Ben Stiller–only from “Along Came Polly”–specifically the scenes where Ben has gastro-intestinal issues because of all the spicey food he keeps eating to keep up with/impress Jennifer Anniston

  4. Daniel says:

    Two things:
    1. Shan, does alligator indeed taste like…beef? 🙂
    2. I loved the photo of the Prejeans webcam, it reminds me of an episode of 48 hours mystery…”the couple was last seen in a small, sedate Louisiana town having a quiet meal, the evening was about to take a strange turn, more after the break”.

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