The Other Salsa

As we slept Saturday night and into Sunday morning at the luxurious Patrick B&B, we were awakened during the night to a harsh thunderstorm with rain pining against the windows, lightning cracking close by, and gusting winds.  When we woke up in the morning and scoped out the damage, we were fortunate to find the Volvo in perfect condition.  The trailer unfortunately wasn’t as lucky…

Trailer Damage

Alright, you caught me, there’s no snow in San Antonio (not yet anyway) and that doesn’t look anything like your trailer Dad.  We woke up and had a nice breakfast with Paula and Wes followed by some great discussion.  Wes is extremely knowledgeable of so many topics and we were in complete awe over his incredible ability to retain information.  One interesting topic that we pondered was the bizarre recent phenomenon with the black birds falling out of the sky in Arkansas.  None of us were buying into the loud sound theory…we’ve been through the industrial Mossville, LA.  What are your thoughts/theories???

Black Birds in Arkansas

Outside we searched the Patrick’s yard for some of the critters we discussed the night before, but came up empty handed.  Accustomed to the lush softness of the northeast, I was captivated by the sharp hostile environment of Texas from the short jagged trees, cacti, and poisonous berries to the deadly animals like the rattlesnakes and scorpions.

Patrick's Yard

Paula and Wes's Deck Overlooking Thousands of Acres of Wildlife

Before getting back on the road, we stopped at Salsalito’s to fill our Mexican food craving.  When they brought the chips and salsa, Wes taught us about the secret of asking for their “other salsa.”  Apparently most Mexican restaurants have a second unadvertised salsa that they only bring upon request.  When the “other salsa” turned out to be a red base rather than the expected green, we took it a step further and asked for their “other other salsa.”  Still not satisfied, Wes, our mixologist, prepared the best salsa by combing the salsa with “other salsa” and the “other other salsa” for the perfect heat and taste factors.  We knew Wes was a true Mexican food enthusiast after hearing his stories of trying menudo, a soup made from pig intestines.

The Mixologist

Salsa+ Other Salsa + Other Other Salsa = Best Flavor

Stuffed from lunch, we made our longest trek in a few days north to Fort Worth, Texas.  When we arrived at the hotel and stepped out of the car, we were shocked at the arctic blast that’s made its way all the way down to this part of the country.  As I was parking, a truck rolled in covered in snow; not sure where he came from but I don’t want to go there.  Not looking forward to the Boston weather on Tuesday.


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7 Responses to The Other Salsa

  1. JLAG says:

    So great that you caught up with the Patricks. They are lovely people. Too bad you didn’t find any critters. When I was there they woke me up in the middle of the night to see the wild boar….totally crazzzzy!

    And yes, they really know where to go for great Mexican food. Ok, your post is officially making me hungry again!

    Safe travels tomorrow. Sending you lots of good energy (and warmth….you are going to need it….it is cold up here in the north!) Miss you guys.

  2. Debbie says:

    Booo!! You scared the heck outta me, seeing that destroyed trailer. My first thought was…a storm did THAT? Are you kidding me?! Shame on you Bret–bet you gave your Dad an aneurism.

    I see the trend continues with the excellent food and other, other, other salsa. But you picked the best spot in the country to get fantastic Mexican food and salsa. And I’m so bummed for you guys that the Riverwalk area was “down for repairs”. I’ve heard so many stories about how enchanting it is–yes, come back if you get the chance.

    Stay as south as you can–as even here in Virginia we’re prepared for the white stuff to fall (again) tonight and it’s supposed to be chilly all week long. Travel safely and bundle up for Boston!! It’s gonna be COLD!

    Love you guys!!


  3. Dad says:

    Glad you we’re just kidding, Bret – thought for a minute the trade-in value had dropped a little.

  4. Michelle, Mario, and Simona says:

    ok so totally shocked at “the big storm” I starred at the photo of the damaged trailer for ages thinking “I can’t even see the trailer in that mess” and then giving my mom a small heart attack screaming to her in the kitchen that OMG Bret’s trailer got totalled!!! She ran in and we together realized this was a joke…. HA HA joke on us.
    Glad you weren’t affected by “the storm”.

  5. Lisa says:

    Brett and Family,
    As Bob Lewis has retired, I think he would advise to think carefully about travel on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 or 1-11-11. We are being told here in upstate NY, that a significant storm will arrive Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning. They have also told us that the big 3, NY, Washington and Boston will be hit hard as the southern storm converges with the northern storm. I don’t even to pretend to have the expertice of Mr. Lewis, BUT…timeing of your trip, direct flight and layovers are crucial. You can doublecheck this info with your Dad.
    I did enjoy the salsa tips and learn so much from your blog. Birds…I have my own theories about the sudden demise of the cretures and yes…I think it’s the WEATHER. Keep the stories coming. We love the humor, adventure and your style.

  6. Daniel C West and Karen Kurtz-West says:

    Hey Bret: Our daughter, Danielle West-Chuhta pointed us to your site and we have been following your travels religiously ever since. We have known your family for many years, Karen and I went to school with your Mom (and Lee and Judy). Wow, I could tell some stories about all of them, but then they would tell them about us too, so i think i will skip that, :-)) Anyway, back to the point, Karen and I would like one of you to call us at 585-330-8804. We have been so inspired by you during your journey. You have made us laugh and cry, but most importantly you have made us feel the love you are spreading along the trip. We would like to offer you all a place to stay. Give us a call and we will make the arrangements that will fit in with whatever your travel plans are. Thanks for inspiring us, Bret. You are one amazing young man! Dan & Karen West

  7. Reggie & Mary Lee says:

    Hi –

    Just caught up on your blog again – too busy a weekend here. So sorry that the river was drained in San Antonio – we loved walking along it and eating the best guacamole ever in one of the restaurants – made “table side.” I do hope you cirlce back that way and go to my cousin’s gallery shop (Cosas) in Boerne, a suburb. They go all over Mexico buying great art from the artists.

    The Mexican food makes me want to leave for Mexico right now… of course the cold and snow make me want to go there too! Hope you are dressed for Boston – actually it sounds like the whole US is COLD!

    Love and prayers – Mary Lee

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