Cat Naps

It has been 2 weeks since starting the Crizotinib clinical trial, so I am required to return to Dana-Farber for a bi-monthly checkup.  Yesterday morning Shannon and I said goodbye to Mom and took the hotel shuttle to the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.  While waiting at the gate for our layover flight to Atlanta, we caught the news showing the intensity of the ice storm in the southeast and noted thousands of canceled flights in Atlanta.  We hesitantly boarded our flight to Atlanta sure we were just going to get stuck there.

We arrived in Atlanta, grabbed some lunch, and waited for the inevitable news.  Shockingly, our flight was not canceled and we boarded our connecting flight on time.  However, just about the time when they normally close the hatch, they informed us that the copilot had not arrived and they had us unload the plane.  Maybe our flight will be canceled?  After only an hour of waiting, things fell in our favor when they found a substitute copilot and we made our flight to Boston.

Flying has turned into a full day event when you consider transportation to/from the airport, security, flight time, and to top it off, layovers.  I used this time to get caught up on some rest.  One of the side effects of Crizotinib is fatigue, and since I started taking the drug, I have noticed that I feel tired when I wake up, tired after a moderate amount of exertion, and am exhausted by bed time.  With the uncomfortable airport and airplane seats, I had to find some creative ways to rest.  Fortunately they tell me the fatigue starts to go away after a couple months on the drug.

Airport Cat Nap


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8 Responses to Cat Naps

  1. Michelle, Mario, and Simona says:

    A true Pro at napping! Pretty soon you will be able to master the nap by sleeping standing up. I was a pro at that back in my college days.
    Glad you made it to Boston safely Bret and Shan!

  2. Makiko says:

    Wow Bret, I need to learn how to power nap like you are in the photo!

  3. Cousin Mike says:

    Are you trying to rival Jeff’s beard from his AT trip? That would be awesome!

  4. Jessica says:

    Seriously… Who is that guy with the very fuzzy face???

  5. Uncle Kevin & Aunt Judy says:

    Hi Bret, I can so relate to your fatigue. I was on a medication one time that made me so tired I was constantly looking around for a place to curl up. I felt that I could sleep anywhere at anytime. (That’s the same medication I was taking when I got out of my car and left it running all day while at work!!). So, just be sure you turn off your motorcycle! We’re watching the snow and wondering where you and Shannie are tonight. Chances are good you’re still in Boston. We’ll be anxious to hear.

  6. Nader Nasralla says:

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    PS to begin your therapy stop eating fast food junk and begin eating heatlhy organic fresh fruits and veggies!

  7. Aunt Sharon and Uncle Lee says:

    Hi Bret and Shan,

    Glad you made it to Boston okay with all the crazy weather! Hope the blizzard conditions we’ve been hearing about there will subside by the time you’re ready to return to Texas. Brrrrrrrrrrrr – it must be cold!! You probably can’t wait to get back and out of the winter tundra! Thinking of you and hoping your check in/check-up is going well at DF.

    If you’re looking for some innovative ways to nap, Uncle Lee’s your man. He can power nap better than anyone I know – anywhere, anyhow and almost always awake feeling refreshed. Here’s hoping that fatigued feeling will pass quickly. Think of it this way, you could even use it to your advantage if you sat next to someone in the airport like Del Griffith ( John Candy in Planes Trains and Automobiles) and then you could just nod off! 🙂 Sorry I can’t insert a video of that movie to go along with that thought like Mike would do- he obviously did not get his great IT ability from his mother!
    Have safe travels back to Texas and keep enjoying all those great Honky Tonk places.
    Nice moves too you guys – Shanny, Honky Tonk Woman may give Wish Washy Woman a little competetion and Bret, pretty slick sliding right in to get roped by your Mom. 🙂 As always, sending lots of love and hugs and wishing you “Happy Trails”.

  8. Daniel says:

    Whilst time travelling, young Auguste Rodin was delighted to find in an American airport no less, the subject of what many historians have come to laud as the his greatest work of his prolific career, The Napper. Now the inspiration has been unveiled as none other than Mr. Bret Hoefen!

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