That’s it, “40 Day Dream”

Not sure what to expect from the forecasted blizzard here in Boston, we opened the hotel window yesterday to an arctic blast.  We called Dana-Farber to make sure they were still open, and managed to get a taxi to my appointment.  Conveying to the driver our surprise that he was able to drive in these conditions, he replied “This isn’t my first rodeo” in a deep Boston accent.  Seemed ironic having just flown up from Fort Worth, Texas.

Blizzard from Hotel Window

My appointment takes the full day due to the blood sample and EKG frequencies, but for a majority of the time we are just waiting around.  No worries, Dana-Farber takes really good care of their patients providing reading materials, snacks and lunch, television, and if desired iPads.  Shannon uses this opportunity to get caught up on her email and tabloids.  This is also a great opportunity for me to get caught up on my email and blogging.

Thanks Carolyn

Catching up on Tabloids

More Sleep

While waiting waiting around at my appointment, Shannon was checking in on the flight status for our return to Fort Worth.  After showing up as on schedule for most of the day, the flight was finally canceled in the afternoon.  Being very proactive, Shan was able to get us on the same evening flight the following day.  With some extra time I had to share some music and photos I recently received…

Before starting our road trip, I was driving down the road listening to Rochester’s 88.5 WRUR, when a great song came on the radio.  Unfamiliar with it, I listened closely for the name of the band, committed it to memory, and then 5 minutes down the road lost it.  I let it go until a couple of weeks ago when Brian, my good friend from high school, sent me a ton of music files.  After hours of downloading, I was going through the music and was shocked when I came across “40 Day Dream” by Edwarde Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes, the same song I had been searching for a couple of months earlier.  Brian, thanks for all of the great road music, I especially enjoyed all of the Edward Sharpe tunes!!

Brian’s father also shared some fun pictures from back in the day, and I had to post a couple of them.  Great memories!

A Day at Stony Brook

Bank Soccer Team


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9 Responses to That’s it, “40 Day Dream”

  1. Brian Bowers says:

    Nice, glad I could help out with that track! I hope some of those made the cut for your road playlist. When you plan your ride to the west coast, let me know- we should hang.

    We were a tough looking bunch back then- thanks for sharing.

  2. Christine says:

    Hi Bret & Shannon,
    I’ve been worried about you dealing with the storm. (What did you two do to tick Mother Nature off?) We’re glad that you were able to rebook so quickly. I hope you got some encouraging feedback, although I know it’s very early.

    Looking at the old photos was a joy. You were such a cute kid (still are!).

    Lots of love.

  3. Marianne Borrelli says:

    Texas…. Rodeos , Honky Tonks. Mexican food etc…. Then Boston , snow ,Dana Farber. It’s like night and Day. No wonder your tired. I’m exhausted reading about all the fun your having!

    Connecticut got a ton of snow as well. We were lucky enough to get a full 33 inches on Wed. 18 last Friday and another 6-8 inches predicted for early next week! You’d think we lived in Rochester!!!! Why they told us to sell our snow blower I’ll never know!

    Glad you made it back safe and sound!

    Auntie Cuz

  4. Matt Boss says:

    Those are the best photos I’ve seen in a long time. The size of Ben had me laughing for 5 minutes. I’m hoping for some Little League pictures next… Go Lions!

  5. Lisa says:

    You continue to amaze me. Your gift of entertainment is just a continuance of what your true character is. Putting all the peices of the puzzle together, blog (with names that are familiar), pictures and music take me to a time when our lives were… just simple. The view from the window in Boston, makes me hope for a snow day real soon. Just like you kids wished for. As a daily follower, continue my friend. Your taking us on a ride we’ll never forget. I enjoy every day even more than you’ll ever know. Rest, take care of yourself, and keep on “riding in a good direction”.

  6. Cousin Geoffrey says:

    I dig that song, man! If I remember right, I think we were crusin’ down the highway heading toward the Galveston ferry the first time you played it for me.

    I hope you guys get /got back to Dallas safely. Sounds like you’ll be hitting the wild west very soon! Enjoy every moment and keep on keepin’ on!

  7. I can’t stop laughing at how tiny I am. I’m not much bigger than the ball?! I might have been the smallest on the team but I was the best. And what was this, the school teacher kid team? So fun.

  8. jeanarlenel says:

    We’d like permission to profile you in ‘hardtales magazine’, a Buffalo motorcycle magazine. Lynn Fitzpatrick suggested this, but I also thought of it immediately upon seeing your site from Erin. Are you in? It’d be easy – we’ll just edit some of your story from your blog. I am Jean Loughran, I’ll send you a link to the magazine if you are interested. Thanks Brett, Shannon and family

  9. Gusti says:


    It is me, and Cassie. Long time no see. Thank you for sharing story.

    Let us know when your next visit to Boston. Let’s meet up, do lunch, or whatever, whenever I’ll make time for you guys.

    Send my best to your mom, dad, and Shannon.


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