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In a previous post I described a frustrating experience on an AirTran flight where afterward I wrote a letter to AirTran out of complete frustration over our lost time.  Yesterday, less than one week later, I received a considerate response and they provided us each one round trip flight to any destination in their system.  We’ve been trying to decide how to use these vouchers and have narrowed in on two options: 1) round trip flight to Boston for one of my appointments, or 2) fly to some remote location like Bermuda for a lunch then return home.  We’re looking for some fun recommendations; what would you do?  What’s the single best location?

Yesday morning we briefly returned to Santa Fe’s Plaza area to take another look around.  As we were heading out of town down a side street, Shannon caught a glimpse of a bead shop called Glorianna’s Fine Crafts and completely lit up; no question, we had to stop.  When we walked in, I immediately thought, wow, Makiko would love this place.  They have beads from all over the world, and made of just about every material that could possibly be made into a bead.  After Shan worked with the owner on a necklace with several combinations of turquoise stones and silver spacers, she finally ended up purchasing a very nice turquoise ring.

Today was an intense road day driving from Santa Fe, NM to Flagstaff, AZ to meet up with Ryan at the airport.  I spent a majority of the ride conked out in the back of the car.  I’m not sure whether it’s the cancer, medication, or just normal fatigue, but I’ve been feeling extremely tired again lately.  Occasionally I would wake up to Mom and Shannon marveling at the scenery and I’d pop up to see some amazing rock formations, then drop back down.

As we picked Ryan up at the Flagstaff Airport, we were surprised to see an airport even smaller than Rochester’s.  We got back to the hotel and I had my first beer since starting the clinical trial to celebrate Ryan’s recent job offer.  After 12 years of primary school, 4 years of college (pre-med), 4 years of med school (MD), 4 years of grad school (PhD), 3 years of residency, and 4 years of fellowship (cardiology), Ryan is finally going to be starting his first job at the age of 35 as a cardiologist.  Man I wish I had heart problems instead of cancer!


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20 Responses to Get a Job!

  1. Sally Leeson says:

    Congratulations, Ryan! I hope the cardiologist position is at Strong Hospital in Rochester (being basically selfish and wanting cardiologist options for us locals!) but if not, I wish you the best wherever it is. What a long road, but definitely worth it to be doing what you love. Again, congratulations, and enjoy this next section of the journey with Bret.

    • Ryan says:

      Thanks Sally! Details are still being worked out — I’ll be in the area, but most likely not at Strong. There’s a possibility I could even be practicing in Dansville one day a week! I’m very excited about the possibility of serving the community that gave so much to me as I grew up!

      • Sally Leeson says:

        Wonderful! I’m so glad you might be in Dansville. That will be a blessing for our area. Thank you for “sticking around”!

        You might have a side career in film making……loved the sneak preview!

      • Tara H says:

        Hi Ryan –

        Congratulations on your new position. It just so happens I am looking for a new cardiologist, so I would love any information as it becomes available. I’ve been praying to find someone I could trust and this is such a blessing. I was diagnosed two years ago with LVH and valve leakage. This isn’t the place to discuss this, but wanted to let you know to please keep us posted.

        Bret – thank you for sharing your amazing journey! I find myself looking every day for a new post to see what you have all been up to. God speed!

      • Scott says:

        I was born at Noyes Memorial, had my first staph infection and spent a week there too. Great hospital!

  2. Cousin Michelle, Mario, and Simona says:

    Go for Bermuda for lunch!!! No where else on their destination list could compare! Plus you have alredy been to half the places they fly on your ride in a good direction.

  3. Russel says:

    I say go for the exotic locale lunch, looks like you have a couple sweet options. I’ve spent some considerable time in Haiti, so my choice would be Punta Cana in the DR. I’ve heard lots of good things. Have fun choosing.

  4. Christine says:

    Is Hawaii out of the question? It’s freezing here…anywhere warm sounds great!
    Congratulations, Ryan. It’s been a long time coming, but definitely worth it since you seemed to enjoy each step along the way.

  5. Makiko says:

    So surreal to see Ryan go from real life to the Bret blogosphere! Thanks for showing his pic and giving me a cameo shout-out w/ the bead shop reference. I’d love to be there with you guys, but I think I’d just be egging the girls on and go to more bead / jewelry shops and make the boys wait while holding our shopping bags!

  6. Mike Donnelly says:

    Bret, your attitude we see on here is an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, experiences, and feelings.

    By the way, AirTran flies to Cancun. Resort area an hour south of there, very nice.

  7. Cousin Michelle, Mario, and Simona says:

    (The following comment takes place between 4am-4:05am and is cousin Mike, who is visiting Cousin Michelle. Everyone is sleeping because it is 4am, except for Mike, thus proving that no one else could have written this…)
    You’re the best! You always were my favorite cousin, but don’t tell Brett. (Or Jeff or Brett’s other brother). As I’m starring down 35 in just over a month, I too hope to have a real job at some point.
    If Ryan tells you rumors about him being my favorite, don’t believe him. I’m really glad that you went for it in the complaint letter and got a big return! On my recommendations…. hmmm. Just follow the timeless advice of the beach boys! at some point this airline has to fly to one of those stops…

    (you may even see Tom Cruise and John Stamos!!!)

  8. Diane Bergvall says:

    Congratulations Ryan on earning a position well deserved. What a great accomplishment! Hope you all are planning to go to Sedona. It’s beautiful. You definitely need to take a Pink Jeep ride and stop for breakfast at the Coffeepot ____. It’s a hoot and the food was delicious. I had the Huevos Rancheros and even though there were more omlette types on the menu than I had ever seen before, I out-ordered everyone at our table. The road from Sedona to the Grand Canyon was breath taking. There were a lot of little scenic overlooks and of course little stands selling torquoise!! Be careful at the Grand Canyon. The paths are icy and there are no guard rails. It amazed us at how lax the safety was there. I believe in letting people use their own judgement, but you don’t often see that in our country anymore. I’d recommend the Hoover Dam. It’s pretty awesome. I’d go back just to see how the new bridge is coming. Lots of great history there too. Your journey has been inspiring and I enjoy reading your latest adventures each day.

  9. Jill St George Forsythe says:

    Bret…Why lunch? Pick some place fun & warm… You & Shannon have some quiet ‘us time’ for a day or too or more? A honeymoon of sorts. Your hoodlum gang may need a break.

    Shannon…there must cool jewelry shops in exoctic locations.

    Bets… sorry about that suggestion. Frank’s Angels are off to get some ink in his memory this afternoon. errr

  10. Yvonne M Sellers says:

    I agree with Jill! Pick somewhere warm & sunny and take a couple of days to relax together! If not, go have lunch at the base of a volcano, or breakfast in a school of dolphins! Go somewhere, do something you dreamt of doing as a child!
    I read your blog every day. Yours is an amazing story, which I know we all pray has a very happy ending!
    Best wishes & safe travels & a Cure

  11. Danielle West-Chuhta says:

    Congrats Ryan!

  12. Scott says:

    I looked it up and AirTrain flies to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I think you should go there because your trip has definitely been a definition of “off the beaten path.” This location is one I’ve never heard of, and I believe you will find something amazing there.


  13. JoEllen (Fahy) Schubmehl says:

    Ryan-congratulations!!! You will be a welcome addition at any hospital, I am certain. 🙂

    As for flight destinations, I have always wanted to go to Alaska….wait until warmer weather and head up there!

  14. Debbie says:

    So, just checked out the route map for AirTrans–and I say go for the gusto and go to San Juan Puerto Rico! If the flight is only limited to the continental US–then I say Seattle. Hey! Its about the furthest you can get from home, right? You could see the Space Needle!

    But yeah..Bahamas or San Juan 🙂

    And CONGRATS Ryan on the job!! Where’s the gig? I hope someplace warm 🙂

    Love you guys!

  15. Marianne Borrelli says:

    Now I’ve been thinking about where you should go with your airline vouchers… I think Old San Juan is good… Hawaii sounds nice too. Someplace definately warm or tropical!!! I can only dream as I’m shoveling 3 Ft of snow in sub Zero temperatures!!
    What about having lunch in Napa Valley at one of the spectacular wineries, or this weekend is the Pirate festival in Tampa Fl. Eric tells me that is a fun time. Yes someplace warm and someplace special!!! I’ll keep thinking. Hey you never know Another storm predicted this week for the North East… Maybe you’ll end up with more vouchers from your Boston trips!

    Congrats Ryan! Very proud of you.
    Love all that jewelry shopping going on. Don’t you dare tell Jim about Betsy’s Bargains and all the $$$ she’s saving!!!

    Wishing you all safe travel!

    Auntie Cuz Marianne

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