Don’t Forget to Pack the Storm

After two consecutive delayed trips out of Boston, I have now just come to expect a snowstorm when we’re in town.  As soon as we arrived in Boston, Shannon was already keeping a close eye on our flight status.  She quickly discovered that our flight out of Boston on Thursday was canceled solely from the forecast of another big storm.  However, she was able to reschedule us to fly out Friday evening which left us all day Thursday in the hotel to relax and take a vacation from our vacation.After getting all the rest we needed plus a little extra we caught a flight back to Vegas on Friday evening.  As we sat down on the plane and started taxiing away from the terminal, I noticed that everyone’s seat back TV was on except for mine.  As the stewardess came by I asked her if there was a problem with mine?  She played around with it for a minute, then apologized and mentioned that she would provide me a voucher for the inconvenience.  The thought of a discounted flight on our next trip to Boston made not having entertainment for our five hour flight no problem.  Then toward the end of the flight she dropped off a voucher for $15; I have to say, it wasn’t quite what I had in mind.  I don’t know, what’s a TV worth?  Oh well, here we are in Las Vegas and I’m ready to ride my motorcycle to California to catch up with the flock in the morning.


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8 Responses to Don’t Forget to Pack the Storm

  1. Cousin Mike says:

    So, this has nothing to do with anything (as most of my comments)… I don’t know why, but your “vacation from your vacation” comment reminded me of the movie what about bob with Bill Murray & Richard Dreyfuss. Check out the clip below at 1:08. Classic movie. If you have the means, I highly recommend it (that reminds me of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but we’ll save that for another post…)

  2. Kristen Brown-Greisch says:

    Well you maybe enjoying some of the nicer weather this country of ours has to offer, but we “new england/new yorkers” don’t want you to forget what it’s like up here in the snow! Your trips up here are our own subtle reminders that we’re freezing while your in VEGAS! LOL! Have fun. It’s been an absolute honor to enjoy your road trip with you! Thanks for letting us all tag along!


  3. Cousin Michelle, Mario, and Simona says:

    $15 credit!!!! I think that in itself warrents a complaint letter to the airline…. come on Bret, another round trip flight should await you!
    Glad you are back on the ride and hope that you have a wonderful time riding to California!

  4. Karen (Stowe) Cottrell says:

    Hi Hoefen Gang,

    I have some travel tips for Sunny CA:

    1. In N’ Out Burger: This is an extremely popular regional burger chain. Make sure you order Animal style to get their special sauce on either the burgers and/or the fries. They have many locations throughout CA.

    2. Go to La Jolla, it is just north of San Diego and is a beautiful town overlooking the Pacific.

    3. The San Diego zoo is a great stop.

    4. Heading to Northern CA there is Yosemite, the Redwoods, Alcatraz, the Jelly Belly factory and of course Napa and Sonoma. If you go to Sonoma check out, The Red Grape.

    Enjoy CA and keep riding in a good direction.

  5. Elise says:

    The weather is all right in diego area at the moment. If you are in La Jolla go to children’s beach and look at the smelly seals lol they took over this beach that was built to make it safe for kids to play without the waves taking them out 🙂 You can go kayaking in La Jolla caverns as well which I hear is pretty cool.

    If you make it to PB (pacific beach) go to my favorite cafe its called 976 (976 Cass Street) it has a ton of really good fresh food. I always find out what the soup of the day is (I have never had a bad soup there) I got the spinach feta burrito last time and it was awesome… the curry tuna with mango chutney is awesome as well.

    The zoo is okay if you like that type of thing but I have heard that the wild animal park in escondido is much better… but thats up to you guys. If you feel like taking a hike you should go to Torrey pines and walk around it has some beautiful views and it’s not a hard hike at all.

    there is a lot of really good mexican food. the small shops are usually really great. if you want a good sit down place you should try Las Olas Mexican restaurant there is one in carlsbad and one in Encinitas. if you want a good cafe E Street cafe in Encinitas is awesome and great breakfast and lunch in Encinitas is swami’s cafe and after you should cross the street and check out the Self-Realization Fellowship: Hermitage it is beautiful and a defiant must if you are in the area… and there are plenty other things to do in so cal the beaches are great 🙂 enjoy the cycle ride and keep riding in a good direction.

  6. Debbie says:

    Hola Road Warriors! Soo–you finally made it to the Pacific Coast. I’m sure the sun is shining, the cool breeze is caressing your skin. Ahhh–I know the feeling, just left that paradise two weeks ago and I wish I was back.

    My own little remarks of what to do/see while in the area.

    Santa Monica Pier–lovely view, awesome rides and people watching. If you want to have a fantastic lunch, go to The Ivy which is right across the street and you may see a celebrity or two.

    If you do the whole Hollywood/Sunset Strip thing–go during the day–trust me.

    Cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway–if you can manage it, do it at sunset.

    In LA–you MUST go to the The Grove/Farmer’s Market. Fantastic and beautiful outdoor mall setting and it’s where the “celebs” shop, so keep your eyes peeled.

    More than all of those—RELAX! Soak up the sun and just chill. Do the whole beach thing and order a drink with a little umbrella in it. Get a massage and turn the brain off, if you can. Though, if you do imbibe a drink with a little umbrella in it, I want pictures!

    Love you guys and enjoy CALI!


  7. Grandma Hoefen says:

    I am at carol’s house and enjoying your trip. You are something else the way you are describing your adventure. What a good book it would make. I think of all of you every day and my prayers go out for safe traveling. I miss all of you. Brrrr. it’s cold here

  8. Christine says:

    We’re supposed to get another 17 inch snow storm this Tuesday-Wednesday. Are you sure you’re not due in Boston this week?

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