A Breath of Fresh Smog

Yesterday morning we woke up early and headed to Elisa’s sister Carmen’s house for breakfast.  While breakfast was ,we watched videos and got the scoop on the previous nights karaoke excursion of which I was too exhausted to partake.  Our nieces sang the latest pop hits while Carmen’s daughter Amanda, who just returned from a teaching rotation in South Korea, kicked it up a notch with Korean karaoke.

Carmen and her other daughter Linda have started a health kick and prepared a tasty and extremely healthy breakfast: spinach and fruit smoothies, eggs, potatoes, a tomato sauce, and Sangak (Iranian flat bread).  My lack of cooking knowledge does not do justice to all of the herbs and vegetables that accented each dish…it was a great meal.  I’ll associate any health improvements I experience with this meal.  Carmen, Amanda, and Lind, thanks for all of your hospitality!

While the girls headed northeast to Pasadena, Aaron and I headed back out on the bikes.  Anxious to find a ride that would live up to the Ortega Highway, we headed north on Route 1, The Pacific Coast Highway.  I had heard that it was an impressive ride through Santa Monica and Malibu, so we started to make our way up through Los Angeles.  Not nearly the experience we had the day before.  Stop and go traffic all the way through LA that felt more like window shopping than riding.  I did do my part in reducing LA’s smog as I spent a few hours sucking in the exhaust of the cars in front of us.  Frustrated, we decided to cut down to the beach front, and found ourselves at Redondo Beach.We walked down to the pier to check out the scene and grab some lunch.  Strangely, just about every restaurant seemed to be Chinese?  We came across some live crabs and prawns in tanks that looked tasty, but when we saw a picture on the menu of the non-traditional method in which they were served decided to hold off.  Not the fried prawns and crab rolls we had hoped for.

When we finally made it to Santa Monica there seemed to be fewer traffic lights and the highway followed right along the coast.  The scenery got more and more impressive as we got into Malibu.  Such a great area with steep hills that slope down to the coast, beautiful sandy beaches, and multi-million dollar homes built into the cliffs.  Aaron spotted the perfect place for dinner right off the highway, Malibu Seafood.  We had some great fried shrimp and fries while soaking up the beach.

The sun was beginning to set just as we finished dinner, so we doubled back toward Huntington Beach.  In an attempt to bypass the stop and go traffic we experienced through LA, we took the main highways back.  We had bad timing and caught the rush hour traffic; no traffic lights but it was still stop and go for a majority of the ride.  We were passed by a number of motorcyclists driving between traffic between lanes.  We were tempted to do the same, but both agreed it was the best way to become an entree at The Road Kill Cafe.


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7 Responses to A Breath of Fresh Smog

  1. Cousin Mike says:

    Bumper to bumper is frustrating, but we’ve got nearly a foot of snow in western NY and when I look at those pics of Malibu–Brett, you’re living the dream! Remember to make today your best day! Love you buddy!

  2. Cousin Mike says:

    Forgot to mention, there is some big time pole vault out there in California–especially southern cal. Let me know if you see anything. Bonus points if you can take a picture of anything PV related 🙂

    • Cousin Michelle, Mario, and Simona says:

      Bret- if you google “PV” you will find it actually stands for Photovoltaics (a method of generating electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity using semiconductors that exhibit the photovoltaic effect solar), OR Pipe Viewer (an Open Source tool to monitor the progress of data through a pipeline ), or in the computing world Page Viewer.

      So really you can have a little fun with Mike her if you find any PV!!!

      • Cousin Mike says:

        Geez louise! So Michelle you don’t return my text messages but have time to mock me in the land of cyber-Brett!
        They didn’t teach us half of the words you just used at gym teacher school but I challenge you and your pipe viewers to a game of dodgeball, and I’m gonna clean up with your photvoltaic *ss!
        In chess, I believe they say, “your move”.

      • Cousin Michelle, Mario, and Simona says:

        UHHH…… I’m in on the dodgeball. I couldnt reply to your text becuase I was driving and I once heard it was dangerous to drive and text. However I was able to read the text while driving. 🙂

  3. Marianne Borrelli says:

    Stop and Go traffic …. a small price to pay to experience the beauty that you’ve seen. Remember you could be shoveling snow and chipping ice in the Arctic Blast!!!! The pics give me the breath of fresh air I need!!!! I’ll be careful not to take in the smog!!!
    Enjoy the Ride! Still thinking about you everyday!

    Auntie Cuz

  4. scott says:

    It seems like hospitality is a recurring theme for your trip. Being in the hospitality industry, I wish I could bottle up the hospitality you are encountering everywhere you go… it would make my people so much better. I’ve always defined hospitality as giving for the sake of giving, rather that for gaining. It makes us all feel great to see/read about how the web of friends we have can generate a much larger web of friends that we are all unaware that we have.

    I don’t know if I can put into words exactly what I’m trying to say here, but I think it’s really cool that you have a warm welcome everywhere you end up, If it’s just chance, then your whole family is truly lucky.

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