Glendora Mountain Road

I’ve fallen a bit behind on the blog and it’s now been a couple of nights since we drove to the airport to pick up a key member of our motorcycle gang, Dad…great to have you back!  Excited to take him on a ride that would give the experience of the Ortega Highway, Aaron did a Google search where he found Glendora Mountain Rd through the Angeles National Forest.  This ride located just northeast of LA was rated 5-star for road quality and scenery.  The comment that sealed the deal described the ride as “…decided to take the ridge…makes the ride downright scary.”  This was the most incredible ride I have experienced to date.  The road had the best curves as it followed the contour of the mountains and switched back at elevation changes.  The curves were also banked so you could ride them faster and lean into them harder.  The scenery was phenomenal.


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10 Responses to Glendora Mountain Road

  1. Cousin Nancy says:

    Beautiful photos

  2. Cousin Michelle, Mario, and Simona says:

    Amazing! How does the top of the mountain taste?

  3. Aunt Bo says:

    Spectacular photos. I guess I did not realize how mountainous California was. Reminds me of Colorado. I have been to California a number of times..but never anywhere near the mountains. Looks like an incredible ride. Keep on riding in a good direction! 🙂

  4. Kathi says:

    What amazing scenery you are finding! Good to see Jim in the pictures! Keep up with your positive attitude it will pay off.

  5. Karen (Ellis) Chapman says:

    Love the pics!

  6. Marianne Borrelli says:

    What flavor was the mountain?!!! Looks like an amazing journey. Glad Aaron and your Dad are back on the road with you. How are Shannon and your Mom holding out?
    We are getting yet another storm on Saturday with snow and rain and a bigger storm on THursday!!!! We just can’t win! I think we’ll REALLY appreciate spring when it finally comes. Hard to believe groundhog Phil said spring would be early!!!!! Keep riding in a good direction. GO STEELERS!!!

    Love Auntie cuz

  7. Reggie & Mary Lee says:

    How could there be a storm on the east coast when you are on the west one? Glad that you and Shannon missed it! Love the photos and that your Dad is back on the trail with you! We had guacamole tonight – just had to after all the talk of avocado picking!

  8. Johnny Z says:

    Your touching and tasting of the mountain reminds me of a kids in the hall skit.

    Great Pics, keep them coming!!!

  9. jean loughran says:

    If you really want to be a motorcycle gang you have to call it a club, and talk about how you are all really family to each other.

  10. Michelle Wolfanger says:

    Great pics from this leg—-love the one of Shannon!

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