Wic-A-Wic-A-Trader Joe’s

There are two things that Shannon always seems to love to call out when sited: Volvo X-countries and Trader Joe’s.  I keep reminding her that it is just a grocery store, but to her apparently it’s much more than that.  Yesterday she finally got to visit her Mecca and brought back some great snacks.  Now I try to preempt her by keeping a vigilant lookout for both and beating her to the punch.  “I know, I know, Trader Joe’s.”

Yesterday we got the whole crew rounded up and drove south on the Pacific Coast Highway along the beach; Mom & Dad and Shannon & I on the bikes, and everyone else in the cars.  Another great day to ride with clear sunny skies and temperatures in the 60s, a recurring theme around here.  We took a nice leisurely ride down to San Clemente where we had lunch on the pier.  We had some great entertainment during lunch with several surfers in the water below.

Fueled up on fish and chips, Aaron & Elisa and Shannon & I jumped on the bikes and rode over to the nearby Ortega Parkway.  This time we skipped a majority of the overlooks and just enjoyed the curvy scenic ride.  By the time we got to Lake Elsinore at the end of the highway, the temperature turned quite a bit cooler.  Elisa is one tough cookie, enduring the entire ride with no socks.

After a short break back at the timeshare to knock out the bone chill, Shannon and I jumped in the car and drove up to Don the Beachcomber in Huntington Beach where we met up with one of my good friends from high school, Brian.  Back in high school, snowboarding was probably the biggest influence on our lives and I was happy to see that Brian is still riding, and now also surfing.  It was great to relive some favorite high school memories and get caught up on the stories in between.  Brian, awesome to see you again and we are really hoping to meet up again in Vegas next week!


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9 Responses to Wic-A-Wic-A-Trader Joe’s

  1. Sally Leeson says:

    Bret – “just a grocery store” ……….. are you kidding? Trader Joe’s is a joyful shopping experience, an aura to wrap yourself up in, a performance to enjoy performed by people who seem to just love their jobs, a sensory delight, a new food surprise at every turn, a place where you don’t have to feel like a food geek if you ask for something unusual, I could go on but I’m sure you know all of this by now. Shannon, it is good that you have educated your hubbie!

    How nice that you got to meet up with Brian and share some old times. This trip is such a great testimony to the power of a network of friends. Somehow time, geography, present circumstances, commitments, schedules, all seem to melt away in the presence of friends who care about each other. I know that unabashedly sounded like a Hallmark card, but oh well…………

    Let me echo many others along the way who have said thank you to you for sharing this journey with all of us who “tune in” every day. Can’t thank you enough.

    Enjoy the ride,

  2. Carol burke says:

    Speaking of snowboarding, Holly, my son Scott and I got to hang out with Shaun White for a couple of hours last year. You jealous! So cool! Did you watch him last week?!

  3. Cousin Michelle, Mario, and simona says:

    Trader joe’s is about the best place on earth! I am like a little kid at Christmas there!! Simon is following in my footsteps and is already an early shopper and LOVES the store too because they have the little mini grocery carts for her to push.
    So glad you guys are all having fun together. Can’t wait for your next adventures!

  4. Marianne Borrelli says:

    Oh yea……. Trader Joe’s Rocks!!! We have one here in CT only 12 min. door to door! Fred who wouldn’t be caught dead in any store doesn’t even mind making the trek!!! THe gorganzola crackers are superb with red wine or anything else! Fred’s fav is the dark choco non parriels!! He’s in line for all the samples too, so I take him for lunch!!!!! Enjoy your ride and the spectacular scenery. We’re still shoveling out as it melts a bit!!

    Love Auntie Cuz

    Aaron ask your kids if they know my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs to all

  5. Danielle West-Chuhta says:

    Trader Joe’s is so much more than a grocery store….I love that place….Michelle – I knew there was a reason you and I are friends….great minds think a like! What beautiful pictures Bret, keep them coming….:)

    • Cousin Michelle, Mario, and Simona says:

      D, we have so much more in common than Trader Joe’s!!!! Organic food and such variety at great prices!
      Bret- I think you should get endorsed by trader Joe’s for all the amazing comments and business we are giving them through your site!
      Maybe the superbowl should contact you also for advertisement with all your followers!

  6. Reggie & Mary Lee says:

    I’m with Shannon on Trader Joe’s – I love that store and wish we had one in Rochchacha. Their Triple Ginger Snaps are to die for and the dried fruit too, especially the mango! Much more than a “grocery store!” My niece Susanna who lives in Cali sent us a care package for Christmas. The best gift!

  7. Elisa says:

    It was great riding the Ortega Hwy. What an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing a great ride. Shannon, I loved the snacks from Trader Joe’s, they were unique and addicting. :). Not sure if we have one in Orlando, but we will look for one.

  8. Aunt Sharon and Uncle Lee says:

    I’ll hop on the bandwagon too – LOVE Trader Joe’s! I had never been until going with Michelle and I couldn’t get enough! Amazing everything – great food variety and quality, wonderful atmosphere, friendly, happy employees and the cutest little mini shopping carts for little tykes – Simona had so much fun! I’m with you Shanny, just love going there! Happy Wic-a Wic ing!
    Glad to know Jim is with you all and you are having great rides. More gorgeous, breathtaking scenery! I am picturing your lunch on the pier with the ocean waves rolling in, seagulls and the smell of ocean water and mouthwatering fish and chips……hmmmmm!! Glad you got to ride Ortega Parkway again too with the girls this time and got to meet up with your special high school buddy.
    Thinking of you all as you ride up and down the coast, through the mountains and under beautiful, sunny skies. What a great ride in a great direction!
    Love to you all,
    Aunt Sharon

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