Turning the Lights Back On

After what seemed like way too short of a week, yesterday we said goodbye to Aaron, Elisa, Kayla, and Ashlyn as they headed home to Orlando.  Such a great week…thank you guys for spending your timeshare with us!  Not long after, Mom and Dad dropped Shannon and I at the airport as well to fly back home to Rochester.

I used to look forward to flying, but lately I pretty much dread it.  On Airtran, the seat space is so tight already, so when the person in front of you tips their chair back it feels like a straight jacket.  I never tip my seat back because I feel guilty for violating the space of the person behind me…I’ve always viewed it as a courtesy, or unwritten rule.  However, plenty of people do it.  This led me to the following poll.

Late last night we arrived in Rochester at about 12:30 AM where Ryan picked us up at the airport.  Still on a Pacific time schedule, Shannon and I were energetic and ready for some dinner.  We convinced Ryan to stop by Jeremiah’s Tavern for some wings…didn’t take too much convincing.  When we found out their kitchen was closed, we headed down Monroe Ave. to Acme, our old neighborhood hangout.  Back when we lived on Rowley St their giant slice of pizza was one of our staples.  Jim W., you know their pizza is the best!

Then at about 2:00 in the morning, we made the drive home to Pultneyville.  After being away for over a month, the house looked cold and lonely with no lights, heat, and covered in snow.  We traipsed through at least a couple of feet of snow to get to the door.  Still, it’s great to be home sleeping in our own bed and surrounded by all of the tokens of our life (or stuff)!


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7 Responses to Turning the Lights Back On

  1. Ashley says:

    EEK! Looking at the picture of your house reminds me why I moved away from what my family has been calling the “frozen tundra” of the Midwest/Northeast to the Gulf South! What’s sad is that my dad called the other morning and told me they had a “heat wave” that day: a whooping 12 degree high (YIKES!) The cold always reminds me of one of my favorite movies, Grumpy Old Men:

    Hope you and Shannon get to enjoy your time at home.

  2. Marianne Borrelli says:

    I’m with you on the airline seat. I WOULD NEVER RECLINE MY SEAT. I think it is so uncomfortable and rude with how tight the seating already is. If someone does that to me I kick their seat and say oops no foot room, sorry. THey usually get my message or they get a bumpy ride home!! Seats shouldn’t even recline anymore. Fly Southwest or Jet Blue…. Much better service and accomodations.

    THere is no place like home!!! I love an adventure but look forward to coming home!!!
    Home is where your heart is! Ok….. but now I’m ready for an adventure, a snowless adventure!!!

    Hope your medical news is positive. And that you don’t get stuck in another snow storm in Boston!!!!

    Love Auntie Cuz

  3. david says:

    acme brings back memories, how long you in town for?

  4. Crissie Kid says:

    Welcome home (at least until the next trip out)!!!!!

    Pay the RGE bill!!! LOL

    No, seriously, crank up that heat and turn on every light in the house!

    ((((HUGS)))) Chris

  5. Ellen Edmond says:

    Wow! I really fell behind in keeping up with your journey. Hadn’t checked in since 1/24 so there was loads to catch up on. You and Shannon and the rest of the family are doing everything right…keeping an optimistic attitude. Dan and I love to see all the smiles every place you go, and to be honest we would have to take more naps than you do. You hit bumps in the road or on the plane and you always dust yourself off, pick yourself up and move forward. Maybe shoveling all that snow will balance all the food and beverage you have had…

  6. Cousin Nancy says:

    That Acme bar and pizza looked familiar. I loved that places when it was Mama Taccone’s. I went for pizza there everyday for lunch. I worked right across the street. Hope all goes well for you Bret.

  7. Uncle Lee and Aunt Sharon says:

    Talk about a walk down memory lane ……Mama Taccone’s used to be a favorite pizza stop when Aunt Judy and I lived on Rowley Street, I won’t say how many years ago! The greatest pizza and fun! Ironic that you guys used to frequent the same place – only as Acme Bar and Pizza!
    “WELCOME HOME”! Aside from the cold and snow, enjoy the comforts of your own home and the warmth and love of your wonderful neighbors in P-ville! We’ll be in touch!
    Love, Aunt Sharon

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