“Ice Berg, Right Ahead!”

Interested in our story, a local publication had a photographer, Marie, come out to our house to take some photographs.  After getting some shots around the house, we stepped outside to get some in the fresh snow on this nice sunny day.  We started by the edge of the lake, then pushed the limit and walked further and further out onto the pack ice.  Marie, a native of Puerto Rico, had only been in Rochester for two weeks, and looking for reassurance asked, is this safe?  I gave her my most honest reply, I’m not sure.  We had a great time with Marie and eventually got the opportunity to turn the camera on her as well.  Marie, we hope to see you back in Pultneyville for some Spring scenery as well.

In the evening we went over to Ryan and Makiko’s house where we also met up with Jennifer for some beer and wings.  We walked in just as Evan and Owen were having dinner themselves.  Can’t help but laugh at their eating mannerisms.  Owen (left) typically eats double fisted, two pieces of pizza, one in each hand.  Evan (right) is a multi-tasker, eats his din0 chicken nuggets and colors at the same time.

I must have been asleep behind the iphone because I missed some great photos…Ryan, Makiko, Jennifer, and Shannon feasting on beer, wings, curly fries, nachos, and Jennifer’s excellent red velvet cupcakes and brownies to top it all off.  I did manage to catch a picture of the E-man, creator of a new game that is a strange cross between chess and checkers.  Not sure of the rules, but I do know he won.  Afterward he lined all of the pieces up and explained that it was a parade.  Fun night!


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8 Responses to “Ice Berg, Right Ahead!”

  1. Mary Beer says:

    Lots if literature out there on the impact of IQ on success. Leadership scholars talk about the importance of high Emotional Quotient, the ability to perceive, assess and manage the emotions of one’s self and others in successful leaders. One study tracked over 160 high performing individuals in a variety of industries and job levels revealed that emotional intelligence was two times more important in contributing to excellence than intellect and expertise alone.

    There’s also a new school of thought that considers AQ in the formula for well adjusted and successful individuals. AQ is adaptability quotient, one’s ability to embrace and adapt to change. This is a hot topic for HR professionals but I think that it is the combination of IQ, EQ, and AQ that makes the difference in all our lives. I have met several geniuses in my life who could not harness their intelligence to become successful because they lacked EQ and AQ. Conversely, I know some folks who aren’t all that smart that are super successful because they would score high in EQ and AQ.

    IQ capacity is the hand that we are dealt by our genes…..what we do with that capacity is ultimately the determinant of the path of our lives. You were blessed with great genes in the IQ department and so fortunate to have a loving and supportive family that has contributed to a high EQ….you are demonstrating tremendous AQ during your current journey.

    I saw the most stunning sunrise this morning on the way to work and pulled of the side of the road to pray for you. I asked that your Boston trip bear good news for you, continued to ask for miracles everyday, expressed gratitude that you are not alone and that you have a beautiful wife and family by your side, and most of all to keep you pain free.


    • bhoefen says:

      Ironically, you’re comment takes me back…I was taking a course at work that included the Greaves book on Emotional Intelligence this past June the same week I was diagnosed. Found the book very interesting, but never finished the course. As a part of the class I took the EQ survey, and had a difficult time answering the questions accurately for myself. If I remember correctly, I needed to focus on social awareness.

      It means so much to me that you would think of me at such a moment. Your positive thoughts are keeping me in a good place.

  2. Makiko says:

    Mary, very interesting comment! I do notice that there are many residents that I’ve trained or worked with, who have a high IQ, but their ability to survive the training hinges on their AQ so much more than their IQ. Success aside though, I do enjoy spending time with people with a high AQ/EQ rather than IQ.

    Bret, as a kid, were you an Owen-type of eater, or more of an Evan-type? The lining up of the chess men is definitely a Hoefen gene… If I see him starting to align corners of books on coffee tables, then I’ll be certain.

    • bhoefen says:

      Probably slightly more like Owen, but not nearly as skilled. Like Owen, my mind is focused solely on the food. No multitasking, anything else is too much of a distraction. However, I am only capable of eating one food at a time with a single hand. Interestingly Owen always seems to have the same food in each hand. I’ve seen him double fisted with pizza, donut holes, crackers, and I promised Ryan I wouldn’t tell, but beer. It will be fun to watch him as he gets older to see if maybe it turns into a different food in each hand? So which eating style was inherited from the Bans?

      • Makiko says:

        I just burst out laughing in the middle of work after reading your comment, and my coworker caught me. Double-fisting the same food is a hilarious detail to notice. Did Owen enjoy double-fisting beer? Ryan is so busted. I think I’m more like Evan, with how he eats… but I am going to try to focus more on the joy of eating from now on. It’s probably healthier that way!

  3. Mom says:

    Great points, Mary.  I can’t have been in a classroom all those years and not bring up Howard Gardner’s theories on Multiple Intelligence. He describes intelligence as more complex than our traditional understanding…intelligence describes a wide variety of cognitive abilities. His current list includes: 
    Bodily -kinesthetic
    We all get our fair share dealt to us at birth…It’s our job to …
     “Find out what you do best and do it for all you’re worth.”.  Leonard Bernstein 

    • bhoefen says:

      Alright, even though every comment seems to support your side of the debate, I’m not caving! I don’t believe intelligence is genetic, but stubbornness clearly is.

  4. Pablo says:

    “The only place u can find ice in PR is on the freezer,” Marie writes 😛

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