The Results Are In

When I hadn’t heard back from Dana-Farber on Friday afternoon about the results of my CT San, I decided to check in with them.  It wasn’t long before I heard from Dr Wagner.  On a very positive note, he explained that there are still no tumors visible in my lungs.  However, as suspected, the tumors in my legs have continued to grow and there are also a few new small tumors.  Initially Dr Wagner said that based on the results it appeared as though the Crizotinib was not effective for me.  However, after reconsidering that the cancer has not spread to my lungs, the modest amount of tumor progression, mild side effects, and lack of alternatives, he recommended that I stay on the drug through the weekend while he thinks it over, and he would be following up with me on Monday.  Overall, the results are not too surprising, however I’m still overwhelmed with a lot of complicated fears/thoughts.  Until Monday, I have decided to put them out of my mind the best I can and enjoy Vegas with friends.


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Going on a road trip.
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2 Responses to The Results Are In

  1. Nannette says:

    To a couple who share a great deal of love for each other, for those around them and for life in general, Happy Valentine’s Day to you both!

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