Don’t Forget the Water!

In need of some fresh air after the previous night in the smoke filled casinos, we drove just north of Vegas to Red Rock Canyon.  The park is beautiful; a 13 mile drive through incredible rock formations.  The different colored rocks and soils are amazing, but the pictures just do not do justice to how massive these rock formations are in person.

Not only are the rocks amazing to look at, but the park doubles as a giant playground.  You can choose climbing routes up the rocks that are as easy or difficult as you like.  I started off with big goals of getting toward the top, but about a quarter of the way, I started feeling overheated and dehydrated and turned back.  One key ingredient we forgot for a day of climbing around  in the desert was water.  However, Brendon and Dan continued on a ways up.  When you see John, Brendon, and Dan in these pictures as tiny specs you start to get a sense of the size of the rocks.

Exhausted, hungry, and dehydrated, we stopped in at the Red Rock Casino for their Sunday brunch buffet.  With our energy restored, we stuck around the casino for a couple of drinks and some video poker.  I started with $5, which I managed to turn into $20 for a $15 gain.  I was psyched about my luck up to this point, winning a total of $75, but still went along with this “empty pockets” photo.

Afterward, at the timeshare, we kicked back and relaxed while we thought about how to spend the evening.  While watching Toy Story, Jared made himself real comfortable.  Brendon, I think I know where he picked this up.

Ready to get back out, we drove down to Fremont Street, a very different flavor than the Las Vegas strip.  Everything seems a bit older and seedier, but has a lot of classic Las Vegas character.  As soon as we arrived and observed the 5 story zip line running down Fremont, Dan was looking for the line, and brought Brendon, Scott, and Laurie with him; I chickened out.

When we got back to the timeshare, I couldn’t just do the smart thing and go to bed.  After all Vegas is alive 24/7.  So Dan and I went back over to The South Point for some more gaming.  We started on video poker, which has become a favorite of mine if that isn’t obvious by now.  Everything was going well until we moved to the blackjack table where I lost my days winnings, so we called it a night.  This was the start of a crazy Valentine’s Day for me, but I’ll save that for tomorrow’s post.  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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4 Responses to Don’t Forget the Water!

  1. Mom says:

    Good decision on the zip line…hmmm….I have a vague zip line memory that eludes me…

  2. Heidi says:

    Seriously? All that HU training and those guys didn’t peer check you to make sure you had water in the desert? LOL! 😉
    Bret, you continue to amaze me. Send our best regards to Shannon and all! Hugs,

  3. Reggie & Mary Lee says:

    Hey did you see the wild donkeys when you were in the Red Rock Canyon? We enjoyed seeing the great rock formations too and it was neat seeing the donkeys wandering around. Skip the gambling and go to see one of the Cirque du Solei shows! Much more rewarding and no smoke filled lungs afterwards – just incredible images!

    To help plan your trip to Alaska get “Mileposts” – an amazing guide with maps and all the information you would ever need to travel there.

    We love traveling with you – great photos and posts!!!

  4. Don Cotton says:

    “While watching Toy Story, Jared made himself real comfortable. Brendon, I think I know where he picked this up.”

    OMG – Laughing so hard…!

    I agree Fremont is cool, I love going to Old vegas and hanging out in the run down famous spots-

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