A Vegas Peepshow

After a week packed with hiking and climbing in Red Rock Canyon and Zion National Parks, dune buggies and bowling, motorcycling to Death Valley, and walking all over Vegas, Friday morning my leg was shot.  It was extremely swollen and tight from fluid build-up, my left toe aches like its broken, and my thigh has sharp pinching pains.  So, we dedicated the day to taking it easy around the timeshare.

Later in the afternoon, the crew planned to drive down to the strip to catch some of the casinos amazing features like The Bellagio’s water fountain show, Treasure Island’s pirate show, and Mirage’s tiger habitat.  This sounded like just too much walking for me, so I stayed back, and enjoyed what I needed most, a nap.  That’s when I got an unexpected text message from my highschool friend Brian offering us tickets to a show.  Brian is a line producer for the TV show Holly’s World, and was able to get us free ticket’s to Holly Madison’s Las Vegas attraction Peepshow.  Not what the girls would have chosen, but we all agreed that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to experience classic Las Vegas.  After all, it’s advertised as “…empowering, and exciting for both men and women.”

So the review…the version I told Shannon, or the truth?  Just joking!  We all agreed that it was a great experience, beautiful women displaying some impressive acrobatic talent, but set to a nursery rhyme theme and karaoke like cover songs.  The audience participation/ridicule was hilarious; glad I wasn’t selected.  Brian, we really appreciate the hook up; amazing seats!  I guess what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and makes its way to the world wide web via the blog.


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6 Responses to A Vegas Peepshow

  1. Brendon says:


    Lysa, the kids, and I had a great time in Las Vegas. It went by way to quickly. Tearing across the desert in dune buggies and climbing the rock formations in the parks was truly memorable. Reading classic nursery rhymes to the kids will never be the same for me. Wish we could stay longer.


    • bhoefen says:

      Agreed, great memories! But we still have a lot more to do starting with tearing across the desert on dirt bikes. Ha! You should be able to keep a clear conscience if you stick to Dr. Seuss.

  2. Scott says:


    Glad to see you’re enjoying Vegas… I was thinking about some things, and I remembered an e-mail that was sent to me… I think you should invest in one of these as to not miss out on any fun:

  3. Muhammad says:

    No pictures or bootleg videos from the show? Weak! Ha.

    So was it about as classy as Rosie’s in S.MD?

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