Joining the Tour

Yesterday morning, the remainder of the Ginna crew, John, Brendon & Lysa, and family made their way back home to Rochester…the end of a very memorable week; thank you! With the guys out of town, Shannon and I decided it was time for some new scenery for us as well.  So where next?  We’ve become huge fans of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes and recently saw on their website that they have a show in Stateline, NV on Saturday February 26th.  In an attempt to make the show, we’ve decided to start heading in that direction.  Our first stop, Bakersfield, CA.  As we drove through the mountains into Bakersfield, we saw the terrain transform from desert to green grass covered mountains.  This incredible scenery made us realize we’re missing two capabilities in order to best capture it, video and panoramas.  That’s when we decided it was time to upgrade our phones to the iPhone 4G and pick up a new camera.  Hopefully you’ll see the difference in quality on the blog.


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14 Responses to Joining the Tour

  1. Cousin Mike says:

    Morning Brett. As you may be able to tell by the later time of my post, I’m on vacation this week, so I was able to sleep in till about 5:50am before I heard little footsteps.
    You’re not giving me a lot of material on this post to work my comedic magic but I’ll try my best…
    …as a PE teacher, I’m not exactly up on all the 4G stuff. BUT, your new phone and camera look shiny, and just like fish, PE teachers like shiny stuff. You know what else PE teachers like? Spellcheck on MS Word, so we can make sure that we spelled shiny correctly (apparently it’s not shiney).
    So you may ask why are we on vacation and not coming out to visit. The answer my friend is multiple and can be best depicted in this top 10 list…
    10. I’m broke.
    9. I hate traveling.
    8. the kids have school this week.
    7. The pole vaulters have state q’s this weekend
    6. Bed bugs.
    5. Flying with pole vault poles is really tough
    4. Two things that should never be combined–Matthew and an airplane cabin!
    3. My GPS isn’t working
    2. Who wouldn’t want to stay in Rochester/Buffalo climate best suited for polar bears?
    and the # 1 reason why I’m not out visiting Brett
    1. I’d reserve tickets online but I spend all of my time on this blog!!!

    • bhoefen says:

      Glad to see your taking the opportunity to sleep in with your vacation time. Not sure how you continuously function on so little sleep? Apparently fish, phones, and cameras aren’t the only shiny things you’re drawn to…you and Karmen have racked up your fair share of medals lately. So exciting to watch! By the way, what’s this list of excuses? I thought coaches hated excuses?

  2. Johnny Z says:

    Bret, had the time of my life yet again hanging with you, Shan and the gang. So much so that I felt guilty returning to work to see how hard Emily and Joyce have been working to sell wrist bands while I of course was enjoying myself riding around the desert in a dune buggy. Great job on the video Shan, I would give some credit to the Mac but I just can’t bring myself to do that yet. If everyone could see the before and after video they would be truly impressed, especially if they knew how much spare time you both had to put it together(none). I can’t wait for the next adventure!!!

    I hope you upgraded your plan with your new phones so that you can receive more than 1 text per month before you start getting charged $0.20 per text.

    • bhoefen says:

      I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about the bracelets and how much I appreciate what you, Emily, and Joyce have undertaken. I’m so energized by this amazing symbol of support. I look forward to getting hooked up with one out here so I can sport it every day.

    • Sally Leeson says:

      Can you give us some information about how to get one of these bracelets/wristbands? I must have missed the memo?

  3. Ray Ferran says:


    • Ray Ferran says:

      Sorry about double post….
      As you can see, I too am not a tech, latest gadget person. However with a worn out phone and Verizon offering iphone 4, I went for it.
      Initally I spent 2 hours on the phone with 2nd level support person to find out internal earpiece was defective and a replacement was coming… I walked around for a day using speakerphone.
      Then showing the prob. to my very tech savey brother, it was soon discovered I had not removed the factory plastic cover from phone face(who knew?).
      Anyway the iphone4 is the most incredible, amazing item I have ever owned..
      I’m like a 2 yr old with ‘Face Time’
      I’m sure you’ll enjoy yours

      • Mom says:

        Aahhh…another Iphone lover making me covet the device…I am poised to buy…but our oldest tech-savvy son has advised that a new version is coming out in a couple months. Such a dilemma…do I buy or do I wait! Now that Jim has one, I am getting anxious! Guess I’ll stay loyal to my little flip phone ! But I think Shannon has a great point…Buy Apple stock!

      • bhoefen says:

        Haha, Great story! Shannon always intentionally refuses to take the plastic off all new devices in order to protect them. Drives me crazy! Months later the plastic is frayed and peeling at the edges. I always want to tear it off like dead skin.

  4. Laurie Dixon says:

    Hi Bret and Shannon,
    I miss playing with you guys. I wish we could stay on the road with you. Although, I don’t know if I can keep up. I have Bronchitis – from breathing too much sand???
    Let me know which direction you plan to ride in and I’ll shop some timeshare deals for you.

    • bhoefen says:

      The bag of sand we inhaled that day wasn’t the best Vegas buffet out there, but well worth it. I hope you’re joking about the bronchitis part though? Thanks for sharing the timeshare hookup, we’ll definitely be in touch.

  5. Sheila McBride says:

    ………. I live in Tennessee after reading the Tennessean this morn and finding your story I just had to come check out the blog …. What great Pictures …….I plan to continue the tour . You guys be safe and enjoy !!! Thank you for your sharing your story

    Thoughts and prayers ,

  6. David A Martin says:

    Read your story in Tennessean yesterday and part of your blog.Very fascinating and inspiring,especially with all your family support.I know you are from New York but do not know if you are familiar with Gildas Club, it is a cancer support community which started in New York by Gilda Radner. You may already know of this but if not please find out.It is a great source for you, family and friends and can help in many ways.We go to the one here in Nashville and it has helped us(my wife Pam stage 4 metestatic breast cancer) and me and many of our friends with assorted cancers.We ride also ,so many connections.Are you country music fans? Tim Mcgraw has a song you are living out.Will try and keep up with your Blog,best wishes and God Bless.

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