Reaching the Peak in Tahoe

Today was the day we’ve been looking forward to, and it was everything we hoped for.  Before heading to the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros show, we took a stroll around Lake Tahoe in hopes of catching the sunset over the mountains.  I’m not sure if the sun sets like this everyday in Tahoe, but we stumbled onto the most incredible one I have ever seen.  We found a park where we were able to walk out onto a dock right on the lake; in the background were huge snow covered mountains.  Over the course of about 30 minutes, the sky transformed through the most amazing range of colors.  It’s fortunate that it wasn’t any longer because in the 18 degree temperature with our lack of winter gear, that’s all we could handle.  This is truly a unique place that resonated with Shannon and I.  The photos may seem a little repetitive, but I couldn’t bring myself to cut anymore.

After “watching it get dark,” we went to Harrah’s casino for the show we crossed through hundreds of miles  of snow covered mountainous terrain to see.  The music of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros has served as the sound track to our road trip as we listen to their music daily.  The lyrics and rythem resemble the mood of our trip perfectly…”home is wherever I’m with you”…”and we held our head up high”…”she got sunset on her breath.”  Online we found videos of the band performing live where we were drawn to their energetic dancing and free spirited mannerisms.  This show was no exception; it was amazing to be in their presence.  During the last song they encouraged everyone to rush up and join them on stage.  As things settled, that’s how we got to meet Jade, and talk with her briefly.  They carry such great energy.  Today was a great day!


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12 Responses to Reaching the Peak in Tahoe

  1. Cousin Michelle, Mario, and Simona says:

    So freakin cool!!!!!

    • Cousin Michelle, Mario, and Simona says:

      PS- you have to check this out… cutest thing EVER!!!

      • Mom says:

        Michelle, that is awesome! I love it! Watch out, Jade…you can be replaced!
        How did she ever learn all those lyrics? I’ve been trying for months to remember them! …and this is a surprise?!

        Bret and Shan,
        You were right about the sunset…breathtaking…gorgeous photos. ..
        Now that’s a sunset to have on your breath.
        We’re so glad the concert was worth all you went through to get there.

  2. michelle struble says:

    Hey Bret,
    I thought you should know that you were mentioned in church today. The Deacon at St. Matthew’s Church in Livonia read your story in the D&C and briefly described your situation. He then went on tho tell about your tattoo “today is my best day.” He wanted everyone to feel that today was their best day and to slow down and enjoy life and that today’s troubles are enough, not to worry about tomorrow’s troubles. Just thought you should know that you are inspiring the inspirational.
    Have fun!!!!

  3. Dad says:

    Bret – something very special is at work here. This force is spinning and expanding outward, picking up speed.

  4. Jessica says:

    Bret ~ My friend Danielle was diagnosed with CCS on May 14, 2010. She passed away last night. Danielle didn’t do a lot of online research about her diagnosis, but she did use the Internet to look for the stories of others with CCS. She found your blog. She never posted a comment or anything. She just liked knowing that she wasn’t alone. I wanted to let you know that your blog about your experiences touched her and helped her. ~ Jessica

    • Christine says:

      I think Bret would be amazed at how he has positively influenced so many lives. From all of us silent ones, Bret, thank you.

  5. Carol burke says:

    Bret, I can’t wait to see where you go next and what you experience!

  6. Aaron says:

    Wow Bret! Amazing to watch the power of every one of your days count for so much! Not in what you see or do, but in the difference you make. Stay “out in it” Bret! Cool to see you sharing some energy with Jade!

  7. Kelly says:

    Bret I follow your blog every day and can’t wait to see where you and Shannon have “landed” each day. Your adventure is very inspiring. We should all follow your lead and live life to the fullest. By the way – the new camera is taking amazing pictures!! 🙂

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