You’ve Created a Monster

In the comfort of our own bed and surroundings, and adjusting to eastern time after a long day, we slept in really late yesterday…it felt great to relax.  When we finally got ourselves up and began digging through our pile of (e)mail collected over the weeks on the road, I was blown away by the response we have received from the blog.  Especially with the story published in The Demacrat & Chronicle and Hardtales Magazine, and subsequently several other Gannett affiliated newspapers around the country, I am truly amazed at the overwhelming support that I have gotten in return.  To receive such moving comments on the blog from others affected by cancer has touched me beyond words.  More than ever I feel as though no matter what happens going forward I have a sense of happiness and completeness about my life.

Later in the evening we met up with Mom & Dad who treated us to dinner at Jasmine’s Restaurant in Webster.  Shannon heard great things about their asian infused cuisine and has been interested in this place for a while.  It was well worth the wait; we all had excellent meals and it was a great chance to sit down and talk with Mom and Dad over a quiet dinner.

Like a progressive dinner, we next headed home where we met up with several of our Ginna friends for drinks and desert.  John, Emily, Dan, Ken, Scott, Laurie, and Bob all came over and we relived some great stories from Las Vegas and Key West; two of the best times of my life.  All the while eating Emily’s awesome baked goods and drinking Laurie and Scott’s own blend of wine.  Then John surprised us with several “Ride in a Good Direction” wrist bands and donations that had been collected at Ginna as well as from friends and family.  Again I was overwhelmed.  With so much support, you’re all creating a narcissistic monster!

I have been thinking of the best way to make use of this generosity that would best match the spirit in which it was given.  I’m still not sure how to do this, but what would mean a lot to me is if it allowed me to spend more time with friends and family and write more stories.  Thank you for reading, commenting, sharing, wearing wrist bands, and for your overwhelming generosity!


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14 Responses to You’ve Created a Monster

  1. Cousin Nancy says:

    Take the money and go to Alaska …..

  2. Cousin Mike says:

    PLEASE open up a paypal account, where we can make donations to help your trip. It’s a win/win–we get to keep reading about your adventures, and you get to keep having them!

  3. Cousin Michelle, Mario, and Simona says:

    Completely agree! How can we get our bracelets??? I could sell tons down here! Would love to help!

  4. Cousin Geoffrey says:

    Just keep riding, Bret!

  5. Sandy (Hough) Snyder says:

    I noticed that you have wristbands. I would love to have some so that I could give them to people and so that I could wear one to remind me to think like you! You give off great positive energy and it would be great to be able to look at the wristband and be reminded of all that I have and to be thankful. Where can I get them?

  6. Daniel Siciliano says:

    Bro with how all the pics have been coming out, you gotta make it to Alaska….Its been a dream of mine to go and to start it all off I want to see the pics you and the gang take. ride that road like a stripper works a pole….HARD…hahahahaha…enjoy the trip up north.

  7. Judy Lynd says:

    Bret and Shannon….your travels have taught us all about the importance of family, friends, and carrying out our dreams…get back on the road soon. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you and we look forward to getting our bracelets when we are back in Roch. Judy and John

  8. jean loughran says:

    regarding your recent windfall: Of course you’ll want to go back to vegas and double it.

  9. Makiko says:

    “I have a sense of happiness and completeness…” I love that statement which I hear very few people say.

    I just watched a 20/20 episode about Charlie Sheen last night… that man is taking his priviledged life and actively destroying it. Your life is so inspiring because you could take a devastating circumstance and turn it into something so breathtakingly beautiful. I have so much respect for you, Bret.

  10. Marianne Borrelli says:

    I love that restaurant , Jasmin’s Asian Fusion, in Webster. Unique and different dishes with great presentation. Martini’s are the bomb as well!!!! I hope you went to before hand to get your 70%-80% off coupon. An awesome deal. I Try to go with the girls every time I’m back in Rochester!!!! I get some great deals on that site for every city I travel to . I get the kids coupons for the places they enjoy for $2-$4.also. Read the fine print Many in Rochester include alcohol. As they become popular they sell out. Check every week the discount keeps going down to 80% and the coupons never expire. You probably knew all that anyway!!!!

    We want wrist bands also. I will get online for that as well. Thinking about you today as always.

    Auntie Cuz

  11. Cousin Geoffrey says:

    In case you’re in the area…Edward Sharpe @ Mountain Jam June 2-5th in Hunter, NY:

  12. bettywest says:

    I so admire what you are doing. Making the most of life. What a wonderful idea and with support from you parents, friends and relatives and many others. You are an insiration to anyone in a like situation. Praying that you surgery will go well.
    close friend to your grandmother, Jean

  13. Yvonne M Sellers says:

    You are such an inspiration to us all with your positive attitude! Please continue to Ride In A Good Direction.. And inspiring us all! The hand life has dealt you is not an easy one, but it reminds, each day when we read your blog, that there are many ways to deal with what we have been given, and we should all go forward in peace, kindness & in awe.
    Thank you for sharing so much of yourself.

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