Off the Grid

Monday I had my first follow-up appointment with Dr Mitten.  Funny how sometimes the worst part of surgery is getting the bandages removed.  And after all the surgeries and treatments you hate to show that you’re having a hard time with removing them.  Dr Mitten was very encouraged by the healing progress, so he next pulled the vacuum drain that I left the hospital with.  This is the catch bin with a hose routed to the area of the surgery that collects any fluids that accumulate.  It feels unbelievably good to get each and every hose and monitor removed following surgery.  Fortunately, this was the last, so I’m officially off the grid again.

Ryan managed to get off work a little early, so he came over to the house for the afternoon.  It was the perfect opportunity to put some milage on the Nintendo.  We worked on our Kung Fu skills while washing down some pizza.  Ryan used to ridicule Aaron and I for making karate chop noises every time we kicked or punched while playing Kug Fu. Ya! Ya!  So I was happy to show him that I was able to play these days without the noise effects, but threw a few in just to humor him.  However, we weren’t able to play long before I had to move to the couch where I crashed for what turned out to be an early night…too many karate chops to the head.


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3 Responses to Off the Grid

  1. Aaron says:

    Hey, we only had to make the karate chop noises ourselves because Ryan forgot to program them in loud enough when he wrote the code for the game!

    Great to see you “off the grid” again Bret! Can’t wait to hear final plans for getting back on the road. See you soon!!!

  2. Marianne Borrelli says:

    Now Guys I was wondering if you remembered that your Mother gave Eric the original Nintendo… As Fred and I recollect!!!!! But I think it was a trade….. I gave you guys our pool and ice skating rink!!!!! Does that ring a bell?

    Glad to hear you’re up and about with some challenging brother action! Get better so you can go on the road again.!!!!

  3. Ashley says:

    Oh nintendo! I was a world champion triple jumper in Track and Field…we were quite swanky as we had the power pad 🙂

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