A Glimpse of Spring

As we promised ourselves, today we did get out of the house just in time to soak up the early Spring-like weather.  So therapeutic just to get cleaned up, dressed, and step outside for some fresh air; granted it did take a couple of percocet.  Not wanting to overdue it, we just went for a short drive down Lake Rd to Sodus Point.  After a walk down the pier with crutches in hand, my soar leg and wind chilled hands had enough.  This is always one of may favorite parts of the year in upstate NY where you get the occasional warm day that melts the snow and floods the fields and creeks.  From here, Winter is a short ride downhill and then we are at the furthest point from the next one.  I actually used to love Winter because it meant snowboarding, but those days are long gone.  More recently, it just meant long cold slippery walks into the power plant.

Later in the evening, Mom and Dad drove out to visit us bearing dinner.  One of my favorite meals is definitely a buffalo chicken sandwich, and they brought one of the best from a family favorite, Park & Oxford Deli, or more commonly known as Roxanne’s.  This is a non-traditional buffalo chicken in that the chicken is shaved as opposed to a fried chicken breast.  Roxanne is a sandwich artist…always exceptional!  Over dinner we decided that we would buy return flights to Sacramento for next Wednesday.  Shortly thereafter, Shannon sured it up by purchasing our tickets.

On the topic of eating, today my brother forwarded an email discussing the benefits of eating asparagus, particularly for cancer patients.  The article instructs that asparagus should be ground in a blender and four tablespoons of the puree should be eaten twice a day; once with breakfast and once with dinner.  Normally I side with traditional medicine and avoid the underground miracle concoctions.  However, in honor of Aaron, and because I like asparagus, I decided to take this diet on and add one more case to their statistics.  My grandmothers will also be happy to hear that I’m getting a daily dose of green veggies.  When we reach Sacramento, our first stop will be to the grocery store to load the trailer with asparagus.


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12 Responses to A Glimpse of Spring

  1. Uncle Kevin & Aunt Judy says:

    Glad to hear that you were able to get outside to enjoy our late winter, Bret. I always feel that a walk (or sit) outside can always make you feel better. Also happy to hear that your plans are firmed up to get back on the road. The journey continues… Hope to see you both before you leave. I will be sure to get a copy of your blog to Grandma so she can read about your asparagus!
    Love, AJ

  2. Sally Leeson says:

    I loved your statement that at this point of the year in upstate New York winter is a short ride downhill and then we are at the furthest point from the next one. I never thought about it that way! I usually get bogged down in the muddy conditions. Leave it to you to give me a new way, a “glass half full” way to view early Spring (not late winter) conditions! Thank you once again!

    Also, I have to admit, I’m with your grandmas on the veggie thing. Asparagus will be yummy, although I never considered it in liquid form!

    I absolutely loved your early Spring photos – you are such a good photographer – captured the essence of the melting snow and the bare tree reflecting in the icy water. Your photos remind me that there is beauty everywhere! Thanks for sharing your many many gifts with all of us, Bret!

  3. Cousin Geoffrey says:

    Happy 40’s day!!!

  4. Jessica says:

    Ground asparagus??? Can you throw some Hollandaise in there with it?

  5. Marianne Borrelli says:

    Bret I received that email about asparagus too. I love it and decided what harm could it do. It may be the cancer cure of the century and you will be even more famous!!! Glad Ryan sent it to you I thought you’d think I was nuts!!!! Well……….

    Thinking about Makiko today with all this devastation in Japan. Hope her Family is all safe and sound.

  6. Marianne Borrelli says:

    oops I just realized it was Aaron that sent you the asparagus email. Sorry Aaron, giving credit like that to Ryan could cause some sibling rivalry!!! In any case I hope it is your miracle cure!

    • Aaron says:

      Thanks Auntie Cuz! I think I found the miracle cure before my OTHER brother! I might move up to the glorious first brother spot for this!

  7. Let’s not focus on the smell inducing vegetable, but rather the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. Sounds good.

    I too like the way you worded the dawn of spring. And you literally showed us Springwater – ha ha.

  8. Carol burke says:

    Have a restful weekend and hope you recoop quick!

  9. Scott says:

    My favorite asparagus recipe, I make it every Thanksgiving along with split and seared, dijon mustard baked brussell sprouts:

    Aparagi Alla Romano:

    Blanch in boiling water, immediately submerge in ice water to stop the cooking process.

    Sautee in Extra Virgin Olive oil, lightly seasoning with salt and pepper.

    Place on a sheet pan, top with freshly grated romano or parmesean cheese.

    Place in the oven on broil until Asparagus and Cheese is crispy…

  10. Christine says:

    Your photos brought back back memories. When I was in college, I worked on a project with the Sodus migrant workers’ children. It was a wonderful experience.

    As your photos show, this is a beautiful time in NY (especially on a prematurely warm day). It’s a beautiful time of rebirth. I hope that you get to enjoy it all in the next few days, before the “ride” continues out west.

  11. Uncle Lee and Aunt Sharon says:

    Hi Bret and Shan,
    We’re also among those who were so happy that you got out yesterday to enjoy an early taste of Spring! Just the smell of that fresh clean air is so invigorating and helps remind us that Spring really is just around the corner! And there’s just something magical about being around water and the sound of the waves against the shoreline. Aaaaahh………..very therapeutic!

    Your pictures are again gorgeous! I am sure that new camera plays a part in capturing such beautiful images but I think the photographer’s talents are even more impressive. You both have become amazing photographers and it’s obvious how much you love it, as your camera goes everywhere with you. ( even into an OR – a telltale mark of a serious photographer!!) A very special gift which truly compliments the stories you create for us on your blog! Love it! 🙂

    I will think of you every time I eat asparagus now – also one of my favorite green vegies! And you couldn’t have picked a better time to indulge – it’s most plentiful in the Spring and so healthy. Glad you’re going for it! On the subject of eating, you have peaked my interest in checking out Roxanne’s sandwich artistry. I have always wanted to “eat my way” down Park Ave’s trendy restaurants ( not all in one day, of course!) so I will add that to my restaurant list to visit this Spring/Summer. 🙂 Thanks for the enticing food review!

    Glad to hear too that you have your return trip plans made. Wed. will come quicker than you think, so enjoy relaxing at home and more of these early pre-Spring days.
    Even though it’s still cold and winter still has a biting grip, the days are getting longer and there’s even breaks of sunshine. The robins are back, the birds are singing more in the morning, the snow is melting, and you can just begin to see tiny shoots of crocus and daffodils sprouting. All great reminders of the beauty and hope of Spring.
    Focus on that hope as you continue to “Ride in a Good Direction”. Someone pretty remarkable once said that you know!

    Aunt Sharon

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