A Wic-a-Wic-a Leprechaun

When I learned that our friend Emily was as much of a buffalo chicken sandwich fanatic as we are, I thought she should try Roxanne’s infamous sandwich so that she could experience our favorite non-traditional version of the sandwich.  I have concluded that there are two classes of buffalo chicken sandwiches:  the traditional deep-fried chicken breast and the creative non-traditional spin off.  So before we left town, we had Emily, Dan, Johnny Z, Tracey and family, Ken and Sandy over for the Park and Oxford Café (Roxanne’s) experience.  As much as I have talked it up, not everyone went for the buffalo chicken, but at least Emily and Johnny Z got to taste this notorious favorite.  Others ordered the cracked pepper and salsalito turkey, italian assorted, and the honey maple turkey; you really can’t go wrong with any order there…but I’ll leave it to the crew or anyone else who has eaten at Roxanne’s to give their own review.

Before heading back out west, we all had a great time sharing stories once more, one of which Emily told that had us rolling.  She described a recent encounter with a leprechaun in a Wegmans grocery store who greeted her and continued to follow her around. I pretended that I couldn’t picture this craziness, so I pushed for a reenactment.  Here it is…

Emily, that’s a great leprechaun impression for a Sicilian.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!


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7 Responses to A Wic-a-Wic-a Leprechaun

  1. Dan says:

    Thank you Bret…thank you SO much!

  2. Chrissy Kid says:

    Happy St. Patricks Day to you two! I am looking forward to the next portion of your trip. (You DO know I live vicariously through your travels!) Love ya both!

  3. Johnny Z says:

    Not sure what is more funny. Em’s dance or Shan’s laugh.

  4. Betsy Hoefen says:

    No question that Roxanne makes the best sandwiches in Rochester…the Buffalo Chicken I snatched from you in the hospital was a new discovery…great turn-on…but I still rate the grilled artichoke #1.
    That’s the coolest leprechaun I’ve ever seen…
    Actually the first!
    Now Wica-wick a-Wegmans needs someone to follow people around doing wishy-washy woman…who could we get to do that? I mean Wishy Washy Wegmans…

  5. Tracey Z. says:

    The salsa Ito was AMAZING! Saved half for lunch the next day and spent that morning dreaming about it. Thanks Ryan for the recommendation.

    Miss you guys already but glad you are back to your travels and making wonderful memories.


  6. Reggie & Mary Lee says:

    Our corned beef and cabbage is in the crock pot today (one day late) so we can celebrate St. Patrick’s and leprechans tonight. As for sandwiches at Roxanne’s I vote with Betsy – anything with artichokes in it is yummy from there… though the egg plant is really good too! Looking forward to more California travel stories… happy trails to all of you!

  7. jean loughran says:

    “Supermoon”: Biggest Full Moon in 18 Years Saturday

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