Clear Skies

When we bought our return airline tickets to Sacramento, it had been about a week since my surgery and I was feeling pretty good.  A couple of days later my condition deteriorated a bit and still hadn’t improved by Wednesday when we were supposed to fly out of Rochester; I lost the feeling in my foot, my leg was extremely stiff, and the site of my surgery was swollen with fluids.  Still confined to crutches, I was extremely nervous about spending a day with the airlines.  However, with reassurance from Dr. Mitten, we decided to continue on to California.

Upon arrival to the airport, the first challenge was making it through security.  After waiting in line only a couple minutes, security welcomed me to the front.  Because I couldn’t walk through the detecetor without my crutches, I would have to be frisked.  Had I known how elaborate and public the search would be, I probably would have hopped through the detector on one foot.  Even the dog in the picture above was staring at me.  And the search was probably more elaborate than normal given that I was being used as a training exercise for a new officer.

One hurdle down, but my experience with security only heightened my fears about the day.  However, things turned from there and the rest of the day couldn’t have gone any smoother.  On both flights, Shannon managed to get us great seats in the front row behind first class where I had plenty of room to stretch my leg.  Then for the first time ever, we had only a short walk between gates for our layover in Atlanta; no tunnels, shuttles or walking between terminals.  It was bazaar how well everything was going.

As we waited for our luggage at the baggage claim in Sacramento, we pondered this unique sculpture of several suitcases stacked in bins from floor to ceiling.  Initially it seemed pretty clever, but as I started to think about all of the times on this trip that our luggage was lost, I wasn’t sure that they were conveying the right message.  After the great experience up to this point, maybe this sculpture is foreshadowing more lost luggage??  Not the case today, our flight could not have gone smoother on a day when I needed it most.

Back in Sacramento, we were relieved to find the car and trailer (home) as they were left.  It feels great to be picking back up on this adventure, nothing makes me feel more alive.  Especially with all of the great feedback that we’ve received along the way.  It amazes me how our experience and the message “Today is my Best Day” has resonated with people.  Before leaving for Sacramento, I learned that a friend from Ginna had gotten a tattoo of an hour glass with these words.  Mike, I’m honored, you can’t imagine how much this means to me.


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4 Responses to Clear Skies

  1. ksea222 says:

    Hello fellow CCS friend. I stumbled onto your site a few days ago and wanted to chime in. I was diagnosed with Clear Cell Sarcoma July/August/September (it was a long summer) 2009 and after a few surgeries and some radiation I am still here and feeling good. It was hard when I was diagnosed to find any kind of information, especially anything positive. I love what you are doing and will be following your journey. Keep on living!

  2. Carol burke says:

    Have a blast! I will be waiting to hear!

  3. Cousin Mike says:

    Geez, I’ve had doctor’s appointments where I had to turn and cough that were less invasive!!!
    By the way, after the 1st round of NCAA basketball games, you are currently tied with Matthew for 1st place in the Auble family pool!

  4. Debbie says:

    Hello Road Warriors!
    Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately, things back in here in Virginia have been slightly nuts with the house hunting and work. But anyhoo! GOOD to see you back on the road and so great to hear that your mobile home on wheels was a-ok. Ahhh, the open road in spring!

    I do need to ask a question for a surprise I’m working on and while it will somewhat obvious (LOL!) —-I need the t-shirt sizes for Bret, Shannon, Betsy, Jim, Aaron and Ryan, the nephews and nieces. Its a good surprise, trust me 🙂

    Have no idea where you guys are headed but I hope it’s up the west coast to Oregon and Washington. If you guys HAPPEN to get to Forks Washington, Shannon–if you don’t buy me something Twilight based, I’m gonna be disappointed, LOL!

    Love you guys and stay safe!

    Wic-a-Wic-A-Safe Travels!


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