Recovery is a Necessity

Although our flight had gone as smoothly as possible the day before, my leg had still been through a lot.  By the time we got to the hotel my foot was more swollen than ever and my calf muscles were aching unbearably.  We decided that yesterday was a good day for a zero day in order to help recuperate.  I stayed in bed with my leg elevated the entire day.  Meanwhile Shannon and Mom took advantage of the time to get some maintenance done on the Volvo at a local dealership.  Afterward, we were very surprised to learn the the routine maintenance costs were included under the warranty, and were therefore free…I love that car!  When Mom and Shannon got back to the hotel, they asked if I was craving any particular food?  I was in fact craving chicken satay (chicken covered in peanut sauce).  Truly not trying to be difficult, but they asked.  They left to grab dinner and sure enough they found a Thai restaurant nearby and brought back chicken satay and it was excellent!

By the end of the day, after nursing my leg all day, I still had no feeling in the bottom of my foot, and my leg was still too stiff to even come near fully extending my knee, I started to seriously wonder if my days of walking are behind me.  It feels sort of like a chicken wing the way it is curled up and too weak to hold my weight.  My brother Aaron flies in on Sunday, and my hope is that I’ll be able to ride motorcycles down the coast with him, but it is not looking too optimistic.  I don’t want to have to ride bitch on my own bike, but I’m prepared to if it comes to that.  With the condition of my leg, this blog may start to become more about food, and less about motorcycles and adventure.


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19 Responses to Recovery is a Necessity

  1. Aaron says:

    You can ride bitch with me anytime Brother! Or we could put some training wheels on the Fat Bob!

    Can’t wait to get there tomorrow!!! Even if it is just to run around and cater to your cuisine whims!

  2. Pam says:

    You write so well, that whatever you are covering will be interesting to your readers!

  3. Johnny Z says:

    We will keep you riding brother. It just may take a couple mods to the Harley and I know the perfect guy to help do the work. Brendon has become pretty good at working on bikes, we may be the next bike show on the Discovery Channel or the first bike show on the Comedy Channel. Step aside John Stewart.
    I actually figured it would be a good time to get an old WWII bike with a side car. We could get all dressed up and ride around like Hogan’s Heroes. Let’s do it!!! I’m psyched!!!

  4. Cousin Mike says:

    If the day comes that it is necessary, I would be honored to have you ride on the back with me! But let’s consider a side car, as Johnny mentioned. Harrison Ford & Sean Connery pulled it off brillantly!!!

    Johnny could even pull out some of his old Nazi memorabilia to chase us around 🙂
    (Disclaimer… I realize that jokes about Nazis are not funny. I was being dead serious that Johnny ACTUALLY has nazi stuff).

    • Johnny Z says:

      Change of plans boys this is what we are doing.

      I don’t think Bret or myself are in good enough shape to ride in the sidecar (thats gonna be your job Mike) but I think we could drive it. I can’t wait to race this puppy through Rochester. And so that the guys on their 600cc bikes won’t feel left out(Brendon and Eric) I found the perfect thing for them.

      • Cousin Mike says:

        Now that Johnny has figured out how to post video in the comments section, I am no longer needed on this blog. My only hope is that Ryan will enable the comment section on his blog. From now on, all of my followers can see my comments at:
        It was fun. Goodbye.

  5. Cousin Geoffrey says:

    Speaking from experience, the back seat of that Fat Bob is not half bad. Although the looks from on~lookers rolling through austin, tx takes some getting used to!

    Welcome back to the road Hoefenators! I bet its good to be home (your other home)! Ride on!!

  6. Uncle Lee and Aunt Sharon says:

    Hi Bret, Shan and Bets,
    Glad your return flight to Sacramento went well and all was well with the car and trailer when you arrived. Sorry to hear your leg is bothering you, Bret. Stay positive – maybe you’ll have to make some adaptations some days or incorporate some extra zero days into your travels, but hey, those times can be spent planning the next “where to” adventure and/or writing those wonderful updates on your blog. No matter what you are writing about, your faithful followers will enjoy every word!

    Hope California is living up to its sunny reputation now that you’re back. Even though we were teased with a couple gorgeous, sunny 60 + degree days here Thursday and Friday, today is cold and grey with more cold and snow flurries predicted for next week! Aaaah……. California Dreamin’ !

    Have fun with Aaron – sounds like he’s pretty willing to”cater to your cuisine whims”- you could have a lot of fun with that! Oops…..just kidding, Aarie! Know you’ll have a great time together! Take care and know we’re with you all and sending lots of hugs your way!

  7. Dawn says:

    Brett- I can see you very clearly sitting in a side car with great looking goggles and a home spun scarf of many colors waving in the breezes. No shame in that. God I want to do that. That would be a good direction!

  8. Reggie & Mary Lee says:

    I vote for the side car – rode in one once – pretty cool! Loved the film clip that Mike sent. I also love chicken satay – that peanut sauce is the best… now I am hungry for it! Hope you visit some wineries as you wander up the coast and give us some first hand critiques of the various wines. Happy trails! ML

  9. Dawn says:

    Does Rayban make goggles?

  10. Dad says:

    Bret – I love that you keep finding the things – now peanut satay – that make today your best day. Can’t wait to be with you guys!

  11. Cousin Nancy says:

    There is a side car on craigslist in Sacramento. Its in Manteca

  12. Carol Holly says:

    I heard only fat girls ride “bitch” Your just not the type. Hey, maybe you can start a new trent. One leg over his shoulder as you lean back and enjoy the ride! I love hearing about the food too. Love to eat!

    • Cousin Mike says:

      Dear Carol Holly,
      Have you seen Bret recently? I mean, he barely did 5 push ups for me. Just give him a purse and he’s a fat chick.
      Haha… ok, maybe even I’ve crossed the line today. Actually, he was pretty impressive and held that push up position in a plank for much longer than I could have. Damn sandbagger…

  13. Jessica says:

    Hoefens don’t give up that easily!!! Flying is rough on anyone, much less someone who is recovering from surgery… give it a few days before you resort to the sidecar. Although, I do like the idea of you riding with one foot on the driver’s shoulder. Surely Chad has some old motorcycle part in his garage you could use to turn the seat into a recliner…

    Jack wants to say hi –

    Rest up and we’ll look forward to the next installation – food, vista or motorcycle – it is all amazing for those of us vicariously enjoying your best day.

  14. Cousin Mike says:

    Do they make recumbent motorcycles? If only we knew someone on American Chopper who could customize…

  15. Uncle Kevin & Aunt Judy says:

    Our love to you all as you head out. A special hug for Aar! We love hearing about your great food –it’s almost as good as eating it and fewer calories for us. Those beautiful pictures you post are enough of an adventure for all of us. Have your best day.
    Love, UK & AJ

  16. Jill St. George Forsythe says:

    Hoefen and Fat??? Genetically impossible. (Reubenesque maybe)
    Brett you look marvelous and I know you could rock any purse!

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