A Full Scale Blowout

Riding home Sunday night I took the back of the car; with the seats down I had the area set up as a nice comfortable bed.  It was a long day and I had all I could take.  It wasn’t long before I dozed off into a semi sleep.  I did have to go to the bathroom but not so badly that I couldn’t wait 45 minutes until we got back to the hotel.  That’s why I was baffled when my pants were suddenly soaked.  Did I just have an accident!!?  At first I was humiliated, then I realized that this was blood.  Earlier in the day at the Muir Beach scenic overlook, I accidentally planted my crutch on a wet wooden plank and it slipped right out from under me.  To catch myself from falling I planted my bad leg firmly on the ground.  That’s when I felt a sharp pinch in my thigh around my sutures.  I didn’t notice the blood until I was soaked in the car, but started to wonder if it was visible the entire time we were in the restaurant.

My leg continued to slowly ooze through the night.  It was actually soothing because it was relieving all of the pressure that had accumulated and eliminated a lot of the discomfort.  When I woke up yesterday morning, I immediately checked the leak rate to find that it stopped.  I was actually a little disappointed because it had been easing all of the painful pressure.  I stood up and that’s when it happened, a full scale blowout!  It was just like a Saturday Night Live skit where blood started to continuously spirt out.  It was no longer a leak, but a full scale loss of blood.  As I stood there in shock, Shannon yelled “put some pressure on it!”  After losing a LOT of fluid, we contacted Dr. O’Keefe.  His original concern with the surgery was that the area will not heal as well because the skin was radiated and is under a lot of pressure from my backed up lymphatic system.  Looks like this may end up being a problem.  Question is now what?  Needless to say yesterday was another zero day.

On the upside I had an opportunity to lay around and watch the NCAA Tournament while Mom and Shannon picked Aaron up from the airport.   The highlight was watching Florida State beat Notre Dame with Aaron, which I had taken a gamble on in his honor.  I have been informed that I am now in the lead for the Auble Family pool!


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8 Responses to A Full Scale Blowout

  1. Cousin Mike says:

    Picking 11 of the sweet 16 teams is pretty strong!!! You’re kicking my butt right now, but don’t get too compfy–I believe there’s still the swimsuit competition!!! I only hope Tony Horton’s p90x & the “Ab-Ripper” don’t let me down!

  2. Cuzin Katie says:

    BEJESUS Bret! The vivid picture of blood everywhere, LOL. I shouldn’t be laughing, I would have freaked out if I was there…
    My students take their big state test tomorrow in writing. I used you as a last minute example of how to write by “showing” not just telling. I actually read a part of the post to them to make sure they understood about how to create imagery and pictures in the mind of the reader 🙂
    So now you can add helping my students understand imagery to the list of good deeds you are doing with this blog!

  3. Reggie & Mary Lee says:

    Yuck Bret! Your mom told me what happened but when I clicked on the blog to catch up I didn’t expect the graphic photos! Maybe the docs should have packed some surgical thread & needles for you … Shannon could do some embroidery work on it …or would super glue work?

    Love the photos of the coast line – so stunning when clicked on to enlarge. The street photo too – I have a cousin who lives on one of those hills in San Fran – had to block the wheels of the cars when parking!

    More Thai food – yum – your mom’s looked the best – I love those spring rolls and peanut sauce. Betsy lets go out for lunch when you return and eat lots of them!

    BTW – Johnny Z hooked us up with the wrist bands also passed some on to Sherron Turner and Karyl & Rod Wixted. Love wearing it – makes me feel more of a part of your whole journey.

  4. Uncle Kevin & Aunt Judy says:

    Bret, Your Mom and Shannie are getting to be great nurses. Your Mom looks so relaxed in the picture! More prayers are headed right to that wound. We’ll all be anxious to hear what tomorrow brings. I was going to print off today’s blog to take to Grandma tomorrow–maybe I’ll wait until another day. We’ll just talk about asparagus tomorrow. Much Love, UK & AJ

  5. Cousin Michelle, Mario, and Simona says:

    Hmmm…..I have graphic images of blood gushing out everywhere and everyone running in a frenzy to grab some tissues or something to hold it all in!
    Hope you are doing better Bret! Thinking of you guys! Eat your asparagus!

  6. Dawn says:

    Brett- About the blow out. Remember when we talked about not holding back about our comments? Is that what you meant??? I used to worry about that when I had my surgeries. Anyway when you when you said it reminded you of a skit on Saturday night live were you thinking of the one with John Buluchie (sp) when he was doing Julia Childs? Cousin Mike can you find that for us? She knicked herself with a knife.

    Your pictures of the world are so calming. Thank you

  7. Marianne Borrelli says:

    Loved the pictures. THe coastal areas remind me of being on the Greek Islands last spring. Breath taking views where you could spend the day or longer! You feel close to God.
    Sorry for the set back. I did think of that episode of SNL as well!!!!! Mike where is it? Do what the Docs tell you!
    Hey you didn’t watch Dancing With The Stars first night season 12,…. last night? LOL
    Fred and I are headed to Charleston first week of May. What do you suggest that we
    not miss?
    Hope you’re back on the road soon.

  8. lisa says:

    Whats up with your final 2 teams….where are the Buckeyes??? OSU all the way!!!!

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