Our Trip From the Rearview – Part 2

The next two days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning, meshed into one long day as we drove straight through from Lake Tahoe, CA to Rochester, NY without stopping for anything other than food, gas, and restrooms.  I remember the trip in two distinct sections: mountains and no mountains.  The drive from Tahoe through Wyoming was absolutely incredible with such diverse and rugged mountain scenery.  Most memorable was coming down from Lake Tahoe early in the morning, where you start to realize just how high up and remote you really are.  The descent made you feel like you were coming down from a separate, mountainous, snow-covered world above the clouds.  Then as we approached Salt Lake City, the mountains took a much different appearance with incredible sculptural rock formations imbedded into the sides.  During this stretch of the trip, the scenery was unique and foreign such that it felt like we were still undergoing an adventure as oppose to just driving home.

As we headed toward Chyenne, WY Friday evening, I started to doze off as everything was smooth and quiet.  I was half asleep when I heard a loud smash on what I assumed to be the windshield, and heard Mom say “it came through…I feel rocks.”  I immediately popped up horrified with the imagery of what I was imagining had just happened.  But was immediately baffled to find the windshield fully intact.  We could hear glass rolling around on top of the car and some had even landed in Mom’s and Dad’s lap.  As we pulled off to the side of the highway, it took a minute to realize that it was coming from the sunroof.  Dad explained how a large truck carrying two liquid tankers had passed and then merged in front of him.  The truck was extremely muddy and we suspect that a clump of mud and rocks must have bounced up between the luggage carrier and roof of the car.  It made for a cold, loud, and windy ride to Walmart where we got a plastic tarp and duct tape to cover it up for the remainder of the ride.

By the time we got to Nebraska everything flattened out and started to look the same; it was no longer an adventure, we were now just driving home.  I think we were all feeling that way.  Thanks to Dad, Mom, and Shannon and their driving shift rotation and ingenuity on the sunroof, we made it home quickly and safely.  It felt sad and strange to see the Volvo and trailer parked in our driveway in Pultneyville.  It feels as though our journey has ended.  We are extremely anxious to put this surgery behind us, move forward, and get the Volvo back on the road where it belongs!


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11 Responses to Our Trip From the Rearview – Part 2

  1. Cousin Mike says:

    I think you’ll like this theme song:

    Or perhaps this is more appropriate seeing as you had some troubles with truckers on passing you:

    • Johnny Z says:

      Mike, I knew you would be back and with a vengeance, look at that double video embed on 1 blog entry. I kinda envisioned that this is what happened when Bret started to dose off.

      • Cousin Mike says:

        Touche’. Well played my friend. Well played…
        Johnny, my former padewan, you have proved yourself a worthy advisary. Until next time we meet…

  2. Lisa says:

    Brett, Be proud the Volvo made it, and so did you. The Volvo needs a rest, and so do you. The Volvo loves Pultneyville, and so do you. Thank you Hoefen family for getting home safe and sound. Brett, take some time, to hold that brand new niece. I know your not use to being around girls, but teach her just a little of what you have taught us. Love her and talk to and tell her to beware of Cousin Mike. He’s already asking her about Pole Vaulting?????????????

    • Cousin Michelle, Mario, and Simona says:

      Lisa, he has been asking my daughter (Mike’s Niece) about pole vault since she was born! And I think she likes it and wants to be a pole vaulter cause she loves her Uncle Mikey!

  3. Mandy Lindsey Cayouette says:

    Hey Bret,

    I’m not sure if you are interested in such fame and fortune, but a college friend of mine in CA is an incredible musician who has started this venture called ProjectStrong in honor of his brother who also had a rare sarcoma. He’s looking for still photos or video clips of other cancer warriors to include in a music video for a song he wrote in that same vein. If it’s anything that interests you, check out http://tiernantunes.com/projectstrong/.

    Personally, I feel that if anyone ought to be featured in a music video, it’s you and your amazing family on this unbelievable journey. Take care!

    • Cousin Mike says:

      “Personally, I feel that if anyone ought to be featured in a music video, it’s you and your amazing family on this unbelievable journey.”

      Thanks Mandy, I appreciate the fame, but let’s keep this about Bret.

  4. Cousin Michelle, Mario, and Simona says:

    Bret, glad you made it home safely. We are all anxious for you to get back on the road again! I am sure it will feel good to be home. Enjoy and wish we were there to see you!

  5. Cousin Mike says:

    I also wanted to officially let you know that you finished as the silver medalist in the Auble family NCAA tourney pool. This is the 1st year ever that the competition ended before the final four games actually took place.
    Karmen 1st place by a nose
    Bret (Good picks & fun to think of you during the tournament!)
    Mike (was way too loyal to the Big East this year)
    Matthew (How did the 6 year old not pick a team named “BUTT”ler?)
    Lynn (I guess her strategy of mascots & vacation spots didn’t work out so well)

  6. Judy Lynd says:

    Glad you are all home safely…your’re in our thoughts and prayers as you move into the next phase of this incredible journey…keep on dreaming, you are an inspiration to all of us.

  7. Reggie & Mary Lee says:

    Wow – what a crazy fast ride home! We are standing with you and waiting to hear you have made it through the surgery and planning an Alaskan adventure!

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