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A Step Closer to the Driver’s Seat

Wednesday morning my day started with an early appointment at Drive On with the mission of making my license legal again.  New York State has some hazy rules about driving after the loss of a limb that are too difficult … Continue reading

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Another Scare Already?!

Tuesday morning my back continued to ache on the side of my stump.  It seems to me that it’s caused by strain from the crutches and the imbalances of my body given that I have no leg on one side, and … Continue reading

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With Papers Flying

Monday morning my fatigue came to a head when I woke up with a sore back and achy joints across my entire body.  I felt like I had been hit by a car.  From the joints in pain, it seemed … Continue reading

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The “Cousins” Take the Farm

The family parties continued on Easter Sunday as the Hoefens, Simpsons, Houdacs and Grandma Auble all joined to celebrate the holiday at the Simpson’s farm.  Our family always puts together an amazing spread for every gathering that I always look … Continue reading

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Somebody at Yale Loves Me

Ever since getting out of the hospital I’ve been working as hard as I can to regain my independence.  Initially, I was completely dependent on Shannon to get in and out of the shower, get dressed, prepare meals…everything.  Although Shan … Continue reading

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Try on These Pants

Back at the doctor’s office on Friday morning to get the last of my staples removed, I was relieved to see that again Jeff would be the tech removing them.  Last week he was skilled and careful with the staple … Continue reading

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Superman with an Afro

Thursday afternoon we were invited out for another lunch, this time with this famous guy.  The picture was taken from his 1979 high-school senior yearbook.  The article next to the picture continued to talk about an extremely impressive boxing record. … Continue reading

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