Eww, Who’s Going to Clean that Shower?

After 10 days in the hospital, yesterday I took my first shower and it felt GREAT!  I was able to take sponge baths in the hospital with some help from Shan, and although good, not very effective.  I washed more than a week’s worth of grunge off and it was EXTREMELY therapeutic.  This was all followed by a long overdue beard trimming.  That’s right, I’m not afraid to use our dog Bailey’s trimmer for my own grooming needs as well.  Just as it takes a little more off my beard than I’d like, it used to make Bailey look naked — the poor guy.  Man, I miss that little pup!

All cleaned up and feeling good, I’d like to say that Shannon and I hit the town but the truth is we took it easy and got caught up on a mountain of paperwork.  Between our time on the road and in the hospital, you would be amazed at how quickly you fall behind.  It was nice to have a day to make some calls and get caught up.  In the afternoon, we finally got notice that the Volvo, our “home” on wheels, was ready to be picked up from the glass repair shop.  After a week of waiting for replacement glass for the sunroof, it was finally ready!  Thanks to Mom for making the long trek out to Pultneyville to drop us off.  I was on edge the whole time hoping to find our baby in good condition; I have an attachment to that car that you wouldn’t believe.  “Reunited and it feels so good!”


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8 Responses to Eww, Who’s Going to Clean that Shower?

  1. Cousin Nancy says:

    I love reading your blogs Bret. I hope I get to meet you in July when I am back in town. You have such a great attitude and bravery in tackling everything you have been through this last year.

  2. Aaron says:

    You’re looking great Bret! Shorts??? How long has it been since you’ve worn shorts? Nice to see the Volvo home safely. How does the glass sunroof look?

    Ready to climb mountains?

  3. wendy kruse says:

    You both look great! So good to see you outside! You are doing amazing!

  4. Don House says:

    You have had some amazing pictures in your blog but my favorites are the ones with you and Shannon smiling !!!theyare a special start to the day

  5. Marianne Borrelli says:

    Hi Bret and Shannon you do look great! Nothing like an contagious smile from both of you! I agree with Aaron……Short? Are you teasing us? I know it’s warmer in Connecticut and and I’m not sporting shorts quite yet!!! Going up to 70 tomorrow though!
    Glad your Volvo is all fixed. I had a stone come up from the road and crack my windshield the other day too. It Scares You!!!!
    Hope we get to see you when we come home for Easter. Keep moving in a Good Direction.

    Auntie Cuz

  6. Chrystal Ellis says:

    Bret..First I would like to say “HI!” it has been too many years since high school. I have been following your blog for awhile now and I can not tell you how amazing and strong you are!
    I have trying to think of the right thing to say but this morning as I was checking your blog my 18 month old son Logan came over to the screen and pointed and said “ouch!” and then kissed the screen…as Mommy does when he gets a boo-boo.. So Logan sends you he’s kisses to make it feel better:)
    Too many words come to mind to tell you how inspirational you are! The strength and courage you have shown is simple astonishing..Stay positive Bret and remember we are all praying for you! Thank you for sharing your story and success..My family will keep you in our thoughts and prayers..as will many others.

  7. Dani Solberg says:

    you are constantly inspiring me to do better! I wish I could have crutches but for now wheelchair till I can have my fake leg. You are aMAZING! Keep up the great work! Tell Shannon and family hello for me. You are all constantly on my families thoughts. We also find ourselves regularly checking out your blog for the latest videos and pictures!


  8. judy gratz says:

    You guys look Fabulous!!!! and Bret, you are such an amazing man!

    God Bless,

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