Recently I received an email that I had to share.  Cathe, who works with my father at the University of Rochester’s Strong Memorial Hospital recently went to the British Virgin Islands on vacation where they spent 12 days sailing.  In her words “To keep you in our thoughts we hoisted your bracelet up next to the main sail.  Notice you are hanging right below the flag that says “Time flies when you’re having rum.”  So…. drive in a good direction became sail in a good direction for us.”  Cathe thanks so much for seeking out the good weather and taking us with you!

 Exhausted from a full day of hiking and a long night out, Saturday morning it all caught up with me and I slept in late.  I was so tired that when I finally woke up I didn’t know where I was or the date — I’m thinking the Methadone and Lyrica might be playing into this as well.  I laid there in bed for a while until my phone started ringing and this picture came up on the display.

It was my friend Ernie from Ginna who I sat next to in license class for two years.  This picture was taken during that time and it gives me a chuckle whenever he calls.  Ernie stopped over to the house and invited Shannon and I out to lunch.  Still surviving, and starting to appreciate our health kick we suggested Panera Bread.  Apparently, on a Saturday afternoon Panera is the place to be; it was packed.  Of course this was only my second time out in public, so again the self consciousness kicked in as we crossed the parking lot.  There were people staring, but I did my best to just act like everything was normal.  I felt much more comfortable once I was seated.  Shannon ordered me a turkey sandwich on their fresh multi-grain bread with a bowl of black bean soup.  It made eating healthy simple; excellent lunch!  Ernie, it was great spending the day with you.

Just as Earnie was leaving, our next door neighbor Ryan stopped over with some homemade chicken corn chowder that his mother Valerie had made for us.  She made it once before for us and it was outstanding…we were now looking forward to dinner.  Ryan and I had been talking about getting together to play chess for months, we finally had the perfect opportunity.  It had been a long time since I last played, so I was nervous taking on a new competitor.  I quickly learned that Ryan was an excellent chess player, but I saw him pass up a few good moves; he denies it, but I’m convinced he was taking it easy on a one-legged man.  Ryan, I’m not counting that game, and I look forward to playing again.


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9 Responses to Stalemate

  1. Carol burke says:

    I’m thinkin the people saw a Good lookin guy struttin across the street on crutches! So keep struttin!
    Let’s all meet in Destin at the Panera here! Love that place!

  2. Ashley says:

    As a former Panera employee, you made some very healthy choices! 🙂 I second Carol’s comment on the Destin Panera, one of my favorite places to go there (though everything is a little better when you’ve been laying on the beach there all day, ha).

    Looks like you’ve got a great crew around you – that is all that matters!

  3. Aaron says:

    Want to feel great about your Chess skills? Take me on in a match! But I will warn you, I am pretty good at the Disney Princess themed checkers!

    • Cousin Mike says:

      I didn’t get a chance to read your other brother’s comment first, but now realize that unintentionally I almost copied it word for word. Perhaps it would be fun to have Aaron and I play chess (or princess checkers) and put it on YouTube.

  4. crissykid says:

    Morning………..It’s ATTITUDE that gets us through each moment. Continue with your own “attitude”. That is a wonderful thing!

    And when people look, know that they are admiring your strength….Accept no less than that either.

  5. Mom says:

    Hey Bret, Crissykid is right. You are an educator. People look out of curiosity, they are asking questions…and you are giving very unexpected answers through your positive attitude. You are joyous, hopeful, and appreciative of the value of every moment…every encounter. You are teaching volumes just by being who you are. Each head that turns is an opportunity to teach everything that matters…use it….thrive on it. Let it push you ever further in a good direction.

    • Cousin Mike says:

      I love this comment! Great job Aunt Betsy!
      I know that Bret has certainly taught me a few things.
      Sometimes a teacher must be humble, realizing the lesson they are teaching is greater than themself. Students learn in different ways–staring just requires a patient, humble teacher. Bret, you have tenure in this area!

  6. Cousin Mike says:

    If you’d like someone to try hard at chess, but know that you’d still win, I’ll come over and play. OR we could make it interesting and I’ll bring my checkers set–no holds barred.
    Lynn says you’ve become like a movie star with the popularity of the blog, so people are going to stop & stare as if they were seeing Matthew McConaughey in the movie “Ed TV” (I guess that makes me Woody Harrelson).
    Everyone who interacts with you has a shot at being “Bret-famous”

    So do the thing that Steve Martin did–have business cards that says your website address & logo on one side–to help spread the word about CCS, then on the other side the words “I had the privilege of meeting…” and your autograph.

  7. Marianne Borrelli says:

    Love all the comments. Can’t think of anything else to add. THat’s a first for me!!! Aaron I bet you are a beast at Disney Princess checkers!! Who usually wins……… you or the girls? Looking so forward to seeing you on Saturday. Wish you were in town Aaron, I’ll bring a picture of you so your there in Spirit! Love ya. Just hope I don’t get caught in a snow storm driving home!!!!

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