A Day with Friends

The idea of finding a way to get back on a motorcycle has become more appealing to me.  I like the thought of still being able to ride down Lake Road to Burnap’s Farmers Market for some of the greatest sandwiches in Wayne County, or maybe even ride the Blue Ridge Parkway as Aaron, Dad, and I have discussed.  When I learned about Ural Motorcycles, which are reproduction vintage bikes with sidecars, I found the bike that would accommodate my limitation with style.  Ready to take the next step toward turning this into a reality, about a week ago, Aaron put the Ducati up for sale on Craigslist.  Feeling unsure about losing a bike with so much sentimental value, I insisted that he list it above book value and hold firmly to the price; it would take just the right buyer.  After a week with very little interest, Sunday, the bike sold.  Initially I suffered sellers remorse, but now I realize we’re one step closer bombing around in our Ural with Shannon, our gunner, in the sidecar.

Back in Pultneyville, Sunday was a day dedicated to getting together with friends/neighbors.  The afternoon started with a visit from Scott and Laurie.  For all of our friends at Ginna, free time is becoming a rare commodity as the power plant rolls into a refueling outage, which means exhaustion from longer hours and fewer days off for the next month.  So we were thrilled to have the opportunity to get together with them.  Remembering our blog about chicken satay, Laurie made us an interesting Thai chicken soup and they also brought another blend of Dixon Cellars wine, both of which we really appreciate and can’t wait to try.  We’ll be thinking about you all these next few weeks; good luck with the outage!

After a power nap, we next crossed the street to our neighbors Charlie and Carol’s for a neighborhood get together.  Carlie and Carol are the thread that ties Pultneyville, the northern Mayberry, together with all of their great parties and hospitality.  Even though their house was packed with people, I didn’t feel the least bit self conscious about my leg as this town is like family.  Great to see David & Laraine, Nan, Susan & Craig, Charlie & Irene, Betty, and so many other great people from the neighborhood.  Then, after a really nice night David & Laraine surprised us with a meaningful gift.  David, a true craftsman, made us an incredible memory box out of tiger maple from an old tree at a local historic building, Gates Hall, the second oldest playhouse in America.  We hope to get back on the road soon so we can fill it with cool tokens from our next journey.

With the impending outage time is becoming scarce, so we appreciated the Zimmermans stopping over for a late night get together.  They had just come from a family outing where they saw the off Broadway production of The Lion King.  The review of the musical was great, but according to Christina some of the creatures were a little too scary so she found comfort with her head buried in Mom’s lap.  She looked really cute all dressed up for her big day out, we had to have a picture.


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6 Responses to A Day with Friends

  1. David says:

    That bike is awesome. We should start a ural fan club. I wonder if Sarah would like that?

  2. Cousin Mike says:

    Uncle Jim,
    Can I still ride the Honda when Bret and I go out on the bikes?

  3. Pat says:

    Hey, Brett – No surprise that you’re thinking of another way to get back out on the road – congratulations! Before you go the sidecar route (they are a little tricky to drive, especially without weight in the pod/car), you might want to consider either trike conversions of conventional motorcycles which have been around for years (search “motorcycle trike manufacturers”) or even the relatively new Can-Am Spyders, with the dual wheels on the front end. Have never driven the Can-Ams, but the trikes offer lots of stability without losing much of the thrill of the ride, and I believe can even be outfitted with automatic transmissions (which the Can-Ams may already have). Trikes have a fair amount of storage room, can easily tow trailers, and can be ridden alone without fear of lifting the (outside sidecar) wheel. Something to think about as you continue your journey/adventure!


  4. Ray Ferran says:

    I checked out the Ural website. Very cool.
    It reminds me of Hogans Heros. I want to be Sgt. Schultz!!

    Hope my video post works.
    Your positive and forward attidude continues to lift up everyone following. Can’t wait for the mext step!

  5. Ray Ferran says:

    make that ‘attitude’ and ‘next step’ I can’t spell or type

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