Card Shark in Disguise

This past week I’ve noticed that my incision has gotten red and sore.  Concerned that it might be a problem I was anxious to have Drs. O’Keefe and Michalco check it out on Monday at my scheduled appointment for some reassurance.  I was relieved to hear that both doctors thought everything looked great.  The redness, they explained, was irritation from the staples.  They went on to remove all of the staples in areas where the incision had healed over well, and removed every other one everywhere else.  Getting staples removed is painless when everything goes smoothly, but when the staple is bent wrong or is located in a sensitive area it can cause pinching that can be pretty painful.  So as each one comes out, I’m clenched in fear, but then I am usually pleasantly surprised.  By the end of the appointment I was left with about 20 staples.

After a doctors appointment, where else better to go than Grandma’s house?  As we pulled into Grandma Auble’s, I was feeling totally exhausted from several nights of tossing and turning.  While Grandma and Shannon prepared a great dinner, I took the opportunity to take a nice long nap.  By the time dinner was ready, I felt restored and was looking forward to an amazing meal.

Grandma Auble always makes the best homemade dishes with plenty of healthy food.  Monday night it was steak with mushrooms, mashed potatoes, spinach, Waldorf salad, and a roll.  Just as delicious as always.

While growing up, getting together with Grandma and Grandpa meant playing a lot of great games; they were always teaching us a new card or board game.  But my favorite game to play with Grandma was solitaire.  For such a sweet woman, she was fast and ruthless when it came to solitaire.  Monday night I was anxious to test her skills and have Shannon experience the madness.  Nothing had changed; Grandma was just as quick as I remembered.  After three games, none of us made it out, but we had a great night!


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7 Responses to Card Shark in Disguise

  1. Makiko says:

    Grandma sure does make some therapeutic food for the soul. Shannon looks very earnest in that last photo. It must have been a heated game! The 2 of you look phenomenal in that second to last photo. Love you guys…

  2. HP says:

    What is it with grandmas and card games?! My Grandma Patrick is ruthless with “go fish.” Looks like a great evening! And congrats on getting some of those staples out. Sounds like you are healing well – but hopefully not so well that you will be back on the road before May 7 (another shameless plug for me to (selfishly) be able to see you guys when I’m up there for JLag’s bday). 🙂

  3. Cousin Michelle, Mario, and Simona says:

    Way to go Gram! Awesome food and quick with the cards! She always beat me at Solitare! Glad you guys had a great visit! But boy am I missing some of Grandma’s home cooking!

  4. Aaron says:

    I agree with Michelle. I sure miss Grandma’s outstanding cooking! No matter what she makes, it is always great!

    You are looking great Bret!

  5. durham brew says:

    Solitaire with real cards? Who knew (*shrug*)?!?! Glad to see you’re doing so well Bret. Keep on keeping on…

  6. Danielle P. West-Chuhta says:

    I am just catching up on the blog and I see great pictures of you, Shannon and Gram – love the food and the cards – 🙂

  7. Ha ha… I was merely surfing approximately and took a glance by these reviews. I can’t consider in attendance’s immobile this a lot pastime. Merit for posting about this.

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