Superman with an Afro

Thursday afternoon we were invited out for another lunch, this time with this famous guy.  The picture was taken from his 1979 high-school senior yearbook.  The article next to the picture continued to talk about an extremely impressive boxing record.  “On August 9, 1978, [this guy] established his rankings when he won a bout with one of New York State’s top contenders by a first round knockout.  Last December in a bout with the number two ranked fighter in the state [this guy] overcame the first round jitters to take another unanimous decision.”  When I saw the photo,  Disco Stu from the Simpson’s immediately came to mind, but I was afraid I’d get knocked out if I said anything.

That’s right, that Afro belonged to Dan Dean, the GS of Shift Operations at Ginna back when I was still working.  Dan and his wife Lin invited us over for their version of rattlesnake pasta, a pasta with chunks of chicken covered in alfredo sauce doused with jalapenos.  Dan claims to have scaled back on the spice factor for us, but I still found my eyes watering and nose running.  I’m convinced they were all playing games with me loading mine up with all of the jalapenos.

We all have our own natural posture traits, for example mine would probably involve hunched shoulders.  Dan on the other hand is always standing perfectly tall and straight with both hands on his hips.  This has become somewhat notorious as most pictures or glimpses of him carry this “Superman” pose.  But Dan was Superman in those years as the GS.  I remember working night shift and sending emails off at 3 AM only to get a response a few minutes later; I don’t think he ever slept.  Dan, you’ve been a great friend and those were great years working with you.


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