Somebody at Yale Loves Me

Ever since getting out of the hospital I’ve been working as hard as I can to regain my independence.  Initially, I was completely dependent on Shannon to get in and out of the shower, get dressed, prepare meals…everything.  Although Shan is extremely patient with me and still takes up a lot of the slack, I do feel pretty independent at this point.  Saturday morning was a huge milestone for me when for the first time since having my leg chopped off, I was able to contribute to the household chores by folding the laundry.  A small contribution, but a huge achievement in my recovery.

With the laundry neatly folded, we were able to spend the beautiful Saturday afternoon at an Easter family reunion with the Welchs, a side of the family that we don’t see often enough.  Mary organized a huge brunch at her house where we caught up with her & Jim, Fred & Marianne, Bill & Barb and family, Judy, Aunt Tish, Grandma Hoefen, and the Greisbergers.  With a huge buffet of all kinds of great breakfast food it was hard to resist the amazing pastries, but there were so many healthy substitutes with Mom’s organic quiche, Mary’s turkey sausage, and a huge bowl of fruit.

Fred and Marianne were long time members of the University of Rochester family posse; we have family in just about every niche of the institution.  However, Fred recently took a job offer that he couldn’t refuse at Yale in Connecticut.  We were sorry to see them leave the area but have been thrilled to hear everything is working out well.  In fact so well that they shared the love with t-shirts that say “Somebody at Yale Loves Me.”  Haha, look for these in photos from the road, they will be worn with pride.  Thank you guys and thank you Mary and Jim for the thoughtful motorcycle rabbits!  I think they should start a new line with a sidecar.

On the drive home from the party I started to feel completely exhausted.  I couldn’t help but crash in the passenger seat while Shannon drove.  I was out until she woke me up excited about a family selling homemade Easter candy on the side of the road.  For a modest price we got chocolate, sculpted and painted like masterpieces, and a photo op with the real Easter Bunny.  When Shan asked for the deviled eggs, I thought she was crazy buying eggs in the hot sun on the side of the road.  It honestly took me a minute to realize they were chocolate; they look so real.


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9 Responses to Somebody at Yale Loves Me

  1. Cousin Mike says:

    Ya know *cough* I still haven’t *cough* seen any pics of you *cough* wearing your yellow PV shirt, *cough*.
    On a side note, Matthew (the 6 year old for our readers/my fans) has been asking a lot of questions about your surgery. So I show him pictures from the blog and assure him that you’re ok. He received a man on a toy motorcycle for easter on Sunday. When I got home Monday, he had taken a leg off the toy and said it was like cousin Bret. Then he would have his 1 legged motorcycle man ride around.
    Unfortunately, Matthew had his toy’s left leg removed… No pressure.

  2. Cousin Michelle, Mario, and Simona says:

    Happy Easter guys! Glad you had a great time and wow those devilled eggs look so real! How did they taste?

  3. Mary Beer says:

    Bret and Shannon,
    You’re not the only one to take a nap after the party! It was a fabulous Saturday and we are so glad to have spent time with all the family. It’s been wonderful reading about you….but nowhere near as great as seeing you in person! So glad you’re getting your strength back in preparation for getting back on the road.
    We’ll definitely not wait as long to get the family together next time…it was awesome to spend time with the Borrelli’s, the Greisberger’s and the Hoefens…..what a joy to see Ryan’s beautiful children….maybe next time we can plan a party when Aaron is home to…the time goes by so fast! Also, next time we must ask cousin Mike to come….he is a scream and we would love to meet him!

  4. Daniel says:

    You had me at chocolate…those deviled eggs are frakking awesome!

  5. Aaron says:

    Thank you, Mary, for remebering Bret’s “Other Brother!” It has been a LONG time since I have been able to make it to any of the gatherings. We will have to plan better next time!

    I agree with Simona! Those deviled eggs look VERY real. That’s amazing. Now, how did somebody decide candy deviled eggs were a good idea. Do you see many kids out there saying “Mommy, I LOVE deviled eggs.”

    Now most importantly, how do you get your t-shirts folded so tightly? Looks like you get iron creases in them! Impressive skills! Can you come down on a Saturday and help me with Kayla and Ashlyn’s laundry???

    You’re looking amazing Bret!

  6. Makiko says:

    Aaron, I agree with the impressive ability to fold… but I think I vaguely recall you being able to fold the same way. I don’t know how Ryan makes the beds and folds his clothes so neatly. I realized yesterday that the ability to fold perfectly is largely genetic, because Evan can fold better than I can (seriously!). Awesome to see you back to doing the “everyday” things. The picture of the candy deviled eggs made my day!

  7. wendy kruse says:

    As always, love reading the blog. You are doing wonderful ….can you teach my Ryan how to fold??? 🙂 Shannon, your smile is so contagious! You two are an amazing team.

  8. edward.pucci says:

    Hi Bret. Please let your family friends “Fred and Marianne” about a great cup cake wagon. It’s very excellent… It roams around Yale. I think it is called the “Cup Cake Wagon”. Yum Yum! If you ever need a chess partner , I will be willing and able… Pawn to K4. Please give our hello’s to Mom and Dad.

  9. Effie Rotkowski says:

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