The “Cousins” Take the Farm

The family parties continued on Easter Sunday as the Hoefens, Simpsons, Houdacs and Grandma Auble all joined to celebrate the holiday at the Simpson’s farm.  Our family always puts together an amazing spread for every gathering that I always look forward to days in advance.  But my new diet made it difficult to watch everyone else eat the incredible sausage, ham, homemade breads and deserts.  However, once again Mom pulled through for me with organic scalloped potatoes.  This combined with all of the other veggies still made an excellent meal.

It was more apparent than ever that we were now the adults, and a new generation of kids ruled the house.  The “cousins,” Justin, Evan, Owen, Audrey, and Tyson were having a blast running around playing with each other.  Then Uncle Kevin took them outside to explore the farm.  The gigantic tractors turned into the ultimate playground as they climbed around and even cruised around the farm.

We hated to miss desert, but Shannon and I had to split early as I was just overcome with fatigue and feeling some discomfort associated with the drugs…we couldn’t reach home soon enough.  Poor Shan had to make the drive back to Pultneyville by herself as I couldn’t keep my eyelids open; it was probably best for both of us that I just conk out.  At home, I was starting to get a little concerned about all of the fatigue experienced over the last couple days.  It was a noticeable change from prior days and I wasn’t sure if it was my meds, new diet, the cancer, or just a lack of sleep overall finally catching up with me?  It was a sleepy Easter for me, but I hope everyone had a great weekend.


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6 Responses to The “Cousins” Take the Farm

  1. Makiko says:

    Bret, thanks for keeping us up to date on how you are feeling… although I obviously wish you weren’t so fatigued.

    Those pics of the “cousins” are awesome. Glad you didn’t leave out Tyson, as he is an important member!

  2. Carol burke says:

    I hope you get the rest you need to be back up and energized!
    Much love to you both!

  3. Danielle says:

    It was great to see both you and Shannon, Bret! Hope you’re resting up and getting ready for your next adventure. Jeff is sending you guys some of our pictures taken when we were in Alaska. I hope they serve as inspiration for you…you will just love it there.

    And, yes, thank you for including Tyson. As you know, he already has a complex about his size and missing teeth. His little doggy self-esteem has improved just from reading your post. =)

  4. Cousin Michelle, Mario, and Simona says:

    Wish we cousins were there with you to take on the farm!

  5. Uncle Kevin & Aunt Judy says:

    Next time we have a gathering, we promise to have more healthy choices for you and we will all benefit from that. Once again, you are an inspiration to us in so many ways. Hope you are feeling better now. Other than looking a little pale when you left, none of us realized how bad you were feeling. You kept up such wonderful conversations with everyone. So great that you could be with us–thanks for making the long trip. We missed all of the Aubles, Malinovs, and Florida Hoefens. Hope you all had a great day also.

  6. Diana C says:

    Bret: Cut yourself some slack. What you’ve been through would flatten most people. You’re bound to feel fatigue based on your physical, emotional and mental state. Understand that recovering from surgery has its bumps. Wishing you good health.

    Again You are amazing


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