A Step Closer to the Driver’s Seat

Wednesday morning my day started with an early appointment at Drive On with the mission of making my license legal again.  New York State has some hazy rules about driving after the loss of a limb that are too difficult for the DMV to understand, so they require you to be assessed by a separate agency to determine what restrictions should be placed on your license and what equipment needs to be retrofitted into your vehicle.  The first part of the multi-day process was called the driver evaluation.  At a rate of $100/hr they subjected me to several visual, memory, and focus activities.  I passed everything with no problem, but still found it interesting that I was being tested for sight and memory when I lost my leg.  I didn’t eat lead?!  And I challenge any elderly driver to pass those tests; they were pretty difficult.  After successful completion of the drivers evaluation, I now need to be evaluated driving with a left side accelerator attachment before I’m legal.

Thrilled that I passed everything without any problems, but still bitter that I was subjected to it in the first place, Shannon and I headed to Amiel’s for our favorite subs.  We tried to make my standard roast beef healthier with turkey on whole wheat.  It was good, but hardly the warm roast beef sandwich smothered in horseradish mayo that I tout as the world’s best sandwich.

Later that night, Shannon was feeling motivated to exercise her culinary skills.  She prepared and excellent organic chicken breast atop a spinach salad and covered with onions and artichokes.  Then it was served with organic broccoli and Mom’s organic scalloped potatoes.  An excellent meal that I could feel good about eating.


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12 Responses to A Step Closer to the Driver’s Seat

  1. Tricia says:

    If you are looking for healthy meals that still taste good, I use a website called http://www.skinnytaste.com quite a bit. Also, Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca has several cookbooks – they are mostly vegetarian/fish but also excellent! Good luck eating healthy in Rochester – Rochesterians do love some pretty excellent unhealthy foods. 😉

    • Jessica says:

      Funny that you mention Moosewood’s – that was my husband’s first reaction, too.

      Bret and Shannon – we have several Moosewood’s cookbooks if you would like to try them out.

  2. Aaron says:

    ….like a GARBAGE PLATE!!!!!!

  3. Carol burke says:

    So you officially have your license?! As the song says “ON the road again!”

  4. Cousin Michelle, Mario, and Simona says:

    YUM! Shannon you should have been a chef!
    Looking good behind the wheel Bret!

  5. Cousin Mike says:

    Bret, I’d be bitter at NY too. They just want to cover their butt and make money at the same time. Wait till you read this letter I received:

    Dear Sir,
    We understand that you recently burnt your tongue while drinking hot cocoa. We will need you to submit to some written and practical tests before we can allow you to continue teaching Physical Education with a NY certification.
    While this may seem irrational, please consider the following scenario:
    You’re teaching a girls swimming unit, and instead of saying “hold your breath”, your recent burnt tongue disability causes it to sound as if you said “hold your breast”. Obviously you can see where this will be a sensitive problem.
    So, we’re also sending you to sensitivity training.
    Even though you have only burnt your tongue, you must also clear several other tests:
    1. Balance–you must still be able to walk on a balance beam.
    2. Agility–you are required to negotiate an obstacle course while dodgeballs are thrown at you
    3. Memory & speech–you must recite the Prologue of Shakespeares Romeo & Juliet without your burnt tonque messing up any of the fancy Shakespeare talk.
    4. Swimsuit challenge–all requirements are better with swimsuit challenges.
    5. Rationale–you must try to debate why a gallon of gasoline in NY is worth over $4.
    If you fail any part of this test, you will be required to re-take all parts of the test. Your $100 per test fee is not refundable.
    Thank you for choosing to live in New York State,

  6. Rick B says:

    Ohhh how I miss Amiel’s subs… Now I am starving for one – thanks!!

    Know someone who met this guy and said its a pretty cool story…


  7. HP says:

    Catching up with the weekend blog posts. Two quick comments:

    1. Deli meats are generally all about the same in terms of their healthiness. Take a look at the package labeling at the grocery store (e.g., Wicka-Wicka-Wegmans). They’re all fairly close in terms of fat content and all are high in sodium. So feel free to have your sub with beef instead of turkey. 🙂

    2. Pascal saw the pic of Shan’s dinner, and I apparently now need to step it up with my own cooking. An easy dinner of tilapia & baked potato w/ asparagus is apparently no longer good enough. Thanks, Shan! 🙂

    Hope all else is well. SOOOO looking forward to seeing you guys next weekend! Hugs!


  8. Muhammad says:

    I’d say the worst part of that experience was having to drive a Honda Element! Nothing but a thick plastic and thin sheet-metal box on wheels with an engine smaller than your Harley…talk about an embarrassment!

    By the way…I hope nobody reading this post owns one…if so, my apologies.

  9. Carmel says:

    Bret, I am so inspired by you and Shan every time I check in to read your blog. I’m ecstatic that you are not only following your dreams but also chasing them!

    By the way, I’m sending you a little surprise in the mail.

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