An Old Friend

In the spirit of getting organized and cleaning up the piles of paperwork around the house, Friday morning I decided it was finally time to dispose of the mountain of binders full of training material accumulated over two years of senior reactor operator license class at Ginna.  I have had a pile of about twenty binders full of system descriptions, procedures, licensing documents, and drawings sitting in our office that I thought would make a good reference at some point.  But now they are mostly outdated and superseded.  Although there is no classified or secret information, I still felt as though I should shred all of the paperwork.  Unfortunately we don’t have a shredder, so I got geared up with my motorcycle gloves and worked my way through the paper until I was finally left with empty binders.

Later in the afternoon, an old friend of mine, Jack, drove up from Maryland to spend the weekend with us.  Jack was my boss back at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant when I was a new engineer fresh out of school.  I felt extremely fortunate to have such a great boss and friend to give advice and show me the ropes of the industry.  So after about six years since leaving Calvert, it was great to catch up again.  Since Jack has moved on and is now responsible for the operator licensing program at the NRC, it seemed a little ironic that I spent the morning cleaning out all of my license class materials.  That night, with Jack in town, we wanted to take him out to a nice dinner in Pultneyville.  Where else than the Pultneyville Grill?  Granted it’s the only place in town, but it has great food, is within a short walk, and is a nice place to catch up with the neighborhood.  Ryan, Makiko, and Audrey were also able to drive out and join us for an excellent dinner and to meet Jack.  Jack we are really excited to have you in town with us!


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1 Response to An Old Friend

  1. Makiko says:

    Bret, do you want to borrow our shredder? It doesn’t get used that often, so you might make it feel more useful by taking it. Also, thank you and to Shannon, for treating us to an incredible meal. It was also great to meet Jack. What a nice and interesting person!

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