High Society

Saturday morning we had a nice slow and easy start to the day.  Over breakfast it was great to catch up with Jack about his recent trip to Vienna, Ausria and his new job at the NRC.  We also talked a bit about plans for our upcoming road trip with a final destination of Alaska.  That’s when Jack shared his story about a train ride across country with a stop in Glacier National Park.  He and his wife Carolyn rode through the park up into the Canadian side to a lodge where they had a high tea service.  I’ve heard the phrase high tea, but I finally had to ask the question, what the heck is “high” tea?  We all had our own notions, but none of us knew for sure, so Shannon, our Google expert, went to work.  We learned that high tea is a light evening meal with tea served at the formal dining table.  Then there is low tea, which is also a light meal served with tea but at a less formal lower table like a coffee table.

Now educated on high society etiquette, we headed off to the Finger Lakes to enjoy some wine tasting along the Seneca Lake wine trail…

Hitting the trail at lunch time, we decided to first grab a bite to eat at Fox Run Vineyards where we enjoyed creative salmon and turkey sandwiches while overlooking Seneca Lake.  While we ate our lunch we were astonished by the crowds of people arriving in limos and buses –turns out we picked the same weekend as a special wine and cheese event.  After an excellent lunch, in an attempt to avoid the crowds we skipped the tasting at Fox Run and sought the smaller less commercial wineries.  We stopped at Prejean and Hickory Hollow where we tasted some great wines and they were able to spend plenty of time with us describing each of them.

After visiting only three wineries I was feeling exhausted, probably from the medication-alcohol interaction, so we headed home.  On our way out we passed Reds Hots, a Finger Lakes “wienery.”  As much as we appreciated the creativity of their sign, none of the labels on our newly purchased wine recommended pairing with wieners.  When we got home, Shannon set the coffee table with a tiered serving dish with fig newtons and fancy cookies.  Then when she brought in tea, Jack and I immediately recognized that we were experiencing “low tea.”  As much as we enjoyed this new high society, it required some Bad to the Bone BBQ for dinner to balance it out.


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3 Responses to High Society

  1. Cousin Nancy says:

    I am writing down all these wonderful places to eat for when I visit in July. Bret, I think you should eat whatever your heart desires. I knew someone who had brain cancer and he only ate healthy stuff his whole life and swallowed a million miracle pills,and it still didn’t stop his brain tumors. The best cure is a positive attitude. A lady just wrote a book about that who survived Cancer and if I find the title again, I will send it to you.

  2. Johnny Z says:

    Bret, When I first saw the picture of you drinking tea I saw Shan with pinky up and you and Jack with pinkies down. I immediately thought, SAVAGES!!! Then realizing that my refinement was somewhat lacking decided to run to the internet to further educate myself on the subject. I was amazed to find the following. Sorry Shan, PINKY DOWN. PINKY DOWN. I tried to find a funny clip to add from “Spongebob: tea at the tree dome” but couldn’t find one worthy of your blog. (a little help Mike)



  3. Marianne Borrelli says:

    High Tea is served at Hick’s and Mccarthy in Pittsford at 4:00. Reservations required! It’s a fun experience although I think Shannon and the girls might enjoy it more than you.!!! Water cress finger sandwiches, pastries with clotted cream and other yummy delights!!!! I’ve been there with my Mom in better days!!!
    You sound great and very upbeat! How on earth are you getting ready for this next adventure that will lead to Alaska? Looking forward to the fabulous pics ahead.
    Isn’t this spring weather the greatest? FINALLY

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