Happy Birthday Mom!

We were so excited and honored when my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Lee invited us out to lunch on Tuesday at Edibles in the city.  As Aunt Sharon mentioned, we’ve all talked to one another on several occasions at family parties, but this was our first time getting together as just the four of us.  It was a great opportunity to talk one-on-one and peel the onion back another layer.  Really enjoyed learning more about their backgrounds; especially the story about how my father and Uncle Lee came to be best friends.  Thanks so much Uncle Lee & Aunt Sharon for the great stories and a really nice lunch!

With a couple of hours to burn, we ran a few errands and took a stroll down Oxford Street to catch the Magnolia trees which were now in full bloom.  In Rochester, we have the absolute best summers, but they are extremely short.  That’s why we find just about any excuse to celebrate each weekend with a festival whether to honor a flower, culture, music, city district…The Lilac Festival, The Greek Festival, The Jazz Festival, The Park Ave Festival, etc.  Anyways, I’m not familiar with a Magnolia Festival, but they are still pretty incredible, and should be honored.

Way overdue for haircuts, Shannon and I both went to World Hair together.  World Hair is just around the corner from our first home on Rowley.  I’ve been getting my hair cut their for five years, and when it comes to haircuts I struggle with change; besides, it only costs $15.  So after about thirteen years of being together, we got our hair cut side by side for the first time.

All groomed up, we coincidentally went back to Edibles again, this time to celebrate Mom’s birthday.  It was a great evening, we met up with Mom, Dad, Ryan, and Makiko for dinner, and Dad had reserved the best table in the restaurant.  For our second time that day, we had an awesome meal.  I had the Mongolian chicken which was excellent; an all natural farm raised chicken breast marinated in a ginger-soy oriental marinade.

Finally for the real fun, it was back to Ryan and Makiko’s for cake and ice cream where Evan and Owen could help Grandma celebrate.  It was so great to watch them get so excited to sing Happy Birthday, help blow out the candles, and finally assist in opening gifts.  Happy birthday Mom!!

It was all fun until Evan and Owen started playing with their Uncle Bret.  I couldn’t resist picking Evan up by his ankles and swinging him around because he loves it so much.  But as I was setting him down I lost my balance in the chair, slid off, and fell down.  Fortunately the E-man was already down and Aunt Shannon was also catching him, so Evan didn’t even know anything happened.  However, this was a difficult lesson for me and a further realization of my new limits.


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8 Responses to Happy Birthday Mom!

  1. Cousin Michelle, Mario, and Simona says:

    Glad you had a good time with my parents! We cant wait to see them, they are heading down today! how fun! wishing you guys a great weekend and hope to hear more about your travel plans soon!

  2. Makiko says:

    Bret, if you knew how often I personally inadvertantly injure my kids, you’d call social services on me! A week ago, I accidentally bonked Evan on the head with Audrey’s car seat, and I’ve stepped on Owen’s feet so often, I don’t feel as guilty about it anymore. In all seriousness, please don’t feel bad about playing with the boys! I hope you continue to horse around with them (as long as you don’t hurt yourself), because they love it so much.

  3. Sally Leeson says:

    Bret, I too love magnolia trees! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. My colleagues gave me one when I retired and I am enjoying its blossoms this Spring. Happy Birthday Betsy. What a great celebration! Doesn’t get much better than celebrating with beloved children and grandchildren and of course beloved husband Jim. Best of luck with those new side stix, Bret!

  4. Ray Ferran says:

    I think Betsy may have had the best birthday ever..
    Hope to see you and Shanon tonight at the studio.

  5. Carly Szabo says:

    sorry i didnt really know where else to inform you of this but i thought you might be interested in today’s “rochester perks” coupon….it’s half off at edibles! i figure since you ate there twice in one day, it may come in handy. Here’s the link: http://www.getmyperks.com/publishers/entercom-rochester/daily_deals/10221?utm_campaign=20110519&utm_medium=email&utm_source=entercom-rochester

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