Finding a Common Thread

Through the CCS Friends network I’ve gotten to know several other folks that have also been affected by Clear Cell Sarcoma.  One of those people is Mary Ann whose son Chris was diagnosed with CCS at about the same time I was, and we continued through almost the exact same treatments and surgery simultaneously.  All the while I would hear stories of another patient just a little younger than me that was also being treated.  On Wednesday, I finally had the opportunity to meet Mary Ann in person after months of communicating through email.  Unfortunately Chris couldn’t join us, but we look forward to meeting him too.

It was so nice to finally meet the woman on the other end of the internet and talk in person.  Our stories are just so eerily familiar, I could instantly relate to their experiences and emotions.  Although we will most likely never find the common thread that landed us with this deadly disease, it is always so interesting to talk through some of the commonalities that might be the link.  We were both roughly the same age, very healthy and active in sports growing up, lived in the Park Ave neighborhood of Rochester during the same timeframe, the list goes on and on.  Who knows, we were probably at the same place, at the same time, exposed to the same trigger?  It’s easy to obsess over this, but the odds are we will never know.

So much credit to Mary Ann who is so high energy and ready to do whatever it takes to find the cure for her son Chris as well as the entire network of CCS friends.

Our meeting and discussion was so intense that I had to take a nap before I was functional again.  By the time I woke up in the evening, we were late to drop Shannon’s car off to the folks that we were selling it to.  Shannon and I decided that with everything we have going on, it just doesn’t make sense anymore to have two cars.  We are officially a single car family and I love it…one less car to maintain and insure.  Besides, we would otherwise be fighting over who gets to drive the Cross Country each day.  Now we can just ride together!  With a successful sale behind us, we were ready to celebrate with dinner.  It was a little on the late side so our first two tries, Maria’s and Panera, were closed.  But finally Uno’s was open and we had a nice dinner.


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One Response to Finding a Common Thread

  1. Daniel Siciliano says:

    I heard on this dinner you met Dawn out. Where is your picture with her???

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