Playtime followed by Arts n Crafts

Shannon and I have been mixing our road trip “To Do” list with taking the time to catch up with friends and family, and have fun.  Friday, we dropped our car off to have the windows tinted so that we can camp out in the back without feeling quite so exposed and vulnerable.  John and Tracey followed us there to Village Gate in the city and brought us back to their place while the car was being pimped out.  We’ve been to there house several times, but never had the opportunity to play with all of their toys: trampoline, four wheelers, golf cart, excavator, tractor, and more.  The house is a giant playground.

We got back just in time to catch Christina getting off the bus from school.  It was right off to the trampoline where she showed us her skills.  Huge air with some beautiful tricks; I can definitely see some cheerleading in her future.  As we watched, I started thinking, I could probably still do that.  The hardest part was getting onto the trampoline.  I was able to jump on one foot pretty well, but my tricks were limited to falling onto my butt and bouncing back up to my foot.  Then it was Shannon’s turn to show us her skills.  She put me to shame with her backflips.

Enough playing around on the trampoline, it was time for some toys with engines.  The Zims have four wheelers for every member of the family.  Shannon and I took the the suped-up golf cart and followed Christina as she flew around on her own Christina-sized four wheeler.  There’s no stopping her, she navigated tree limbs and mud all with a huge smile.  As we tried to keep up, Shannon had to hold me in; having only one leg, I couldn’t brace myself.

It was time to upgrade to the four wheelers.  By this time Samantha was home from track practice and joined us on her own machine.  As she got warmed up driving around the yard jumping off the same mound in the driveway, you could see she was fearless.  We headed for some new trails but didn’t get far before hearing a strange noise and the four wheeler just stopped.  Apparently Shannon and I are so hardcore we broke a belt…okay so it had been making noises for a while.  If this was my machine, that would have been the end of the day, but John had it removed and replaced in less than 15 minutes.  It was fortunate for us, otherwise we would have missed out on some intense mud and rugged terrain.  No picture could capture this.  We experienced real four wheeling and it was awesome.

Cold and completely muddy, I had the most gratifying shower of my life.  After a day of playing in the mud, we went to the other extreme…wine and cheese and art galleries in the city.  Before picking up the car, we first stopped by the Hidden Hungerford Building to check out their “First Friday” event.  The first friday of each month several studios open their doors to exhibit their work to the public.  Tracey said it best that “it’s such a privilege to be allowed into the artist’s world to see their inner creative expressions.”  We first visited Mom in her studio with her amazing artwork where it was awesome to see Sam’s eyes light up at a world full of art.  Sam is a young artist herself and was anxious to learn how to get her own studio.  Next we went upstairs to see our neighbor Valerie who was being featured by the Rochester Art Club.  We got the opportunity to see her incredible paintings, one of which included a view of our own house.  Ray, we ran out of time and missed you, but we’ll be by Antiek Journeys to visit you before leaving town.


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2 Responses to Playtime followed by Arts n Crafts

  1. Cousin Michelle, Mario, and Simona says:

    Looks like lots of fun!
    Love your studio Aunt Bets!

  2. Johnny Z says:

    Bret, you are amazing!!! The things you do with one leg absolutely blows my mind. I could have never guessed that you would have been able to ride the 4 wheelers like a mad man. I kinda expected a leisurely stroll through the woods, hence the no helmets, but you sure showed me. It was great riding next to you again!!!
    I have more “Ride in a good direction” bracelets if anybody wants some email me:

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