A Bump on my Stump

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered a small bump on the surface of my skin where my leg was amputated.  It had a very similar appearance to some of the tumors that I previously had on my leg, so out of concern that the cancer was already back I made an appointment with Dr. O’Keefe.  At the time, he explained that for a few reasons he didn’t think that this bump was a tumor, but said to keep an eye on it.  Initially I was relieved, but the bump continued to grow and I found a second much smaller bump in the same area.  So I contacted Dr. O’Keefe again, and we made an appointment to take a biopsy of the bump Monday morning.  The bumps were both so small that rather than take a needle biopsy, Drs. Mitten and Michalko resected them.  Now starts the mental games as I wait for the pathology, which can take a few days.  I set myself up for the news that it is cancer, but hope like hell that it’s not.

After my operation we followed “procedure” with lunch at Amiel’s.  I really wanted to break down and have my perfected roast beef sub on white bread with swiss-american blend cheese, horseradish-mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, sweet peppers, and a few hot peppers…probably the best sub out there.  But, I resisted and stuck with turkey on whole wheat, a decent substitute.

At Autocrafting by Technistar we had an appointment to have a left foot accelerator installed in the Cross Country.  As we waited in the showroom, we scoped out a sporty looking trike designed to accommodate wheelchairs.  Incredible!  I challenge anyone in a wheelchair to a test drive, I would love to see this thing on the road!  Before installing our accelerator, I wanted to check it out and get more details.  When they showed us the mounting plate that would be bolted to the floor of the car, I started to have second thoughts about modifying our baby.  I backed out so I could learn more and see what else is out there.


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Going on a road trip.
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5 Responses to A Bump on my Stump

  1. Carly Szabo says:

    fingers crossed!!

    and every time you go to Amiel’s I get so hungry! That’s my favorite sub place too.

  2. jean loughran says:

    ganglion cyst? would that be ironic? (I know, probably impossible, but still…)
    Thinking about you and sending good energy for an easy outcome on this one.
    It’s time for Bret Hoefen to get a break.

  3. Uncle Kevin & Aunt Judy says:

    That trike looks good on you, Bret. We don’t blame you for cancelling the accelerator pedal and ordering that trike instead!
    As always, prayers are with you for good news on that biopsy. Hugs to you both.

  4. Dani Solberg says:

    my thoughts are with you guys. I hope it is just scar tissue which is common.

    That wheelchair motorcycle thing looks awesome. I shall try it out 🙂 Send it to me!!!! I want to get a 4 wheeler! I live in Texas and should have one but need to wait till I got my Prosthesis! Glad to see you are doing well and love reading your current events~

  5. Lori Downey says:

    Prayers come your way every day…but haven’t heard any news for a few days….

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