Mother’s Day

Sunday morning we headed into the City where we spent Mother’s Day at Mom & Dad’s with Ryan, Makiko, Evan, Owen, Audrey, and both grandmothers.  Mom prepared an incredible brunch taking into consideration the diet that I’ve been trying to adhere to with an organic asparagus quiche, organic potatoes, and fruit…always looking after me!  Happy Mother’s Day Mom, Grandma Auble, Grandma Hoefen, and Makiko!

It turned out to be a really nice Spring day, so after breakfast the party moved outside where we all soaked up a little vitamin D.  We mostly enjoyed watching Evan and Owen learn to kick a ball and blow bubbles.  Meanwhile, I worked on my own little trick: a forearm crutch handstand.  Evan and Owen have seen me several times since my amputation, but apparently didn’t even notice my missing leg.  As we stood outside, Dad asked Evan where my other leg was, and it was interesting to see his reaction.  It was as though we were playing some kind of magic trick on him.  First he grabbed my pant leg, and then looked inside as if I had retracted and hidden it.  Another great day with the family.


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6 Responses to Mother’s Day

  1. Ryan says:

    Bret, Great photos! You’re doing handstands on your crutches and then you tell me you wonder why your arms are so sore!?

  2. Carol burke says:

    You got some upper body strength there!

  3. Makiko says:

    I didn’t realize that the quiche was organic! Funny how that was the best quiche I’ve ever had.

  4. Johnny Z says:

    well now I see why you needed the carbon fiber crutches. hope all your stunts don’t void the warranty.

  5. Reggie & Mary Lee says:

    I love the photo of your grandmothers! Beautiful – they are and the photo is!

  6. mary beer says:

    I agree….the picuture of Aunt Lousie and Mrs. Auble (Aunt Louise and Your other grandma) is incredible. I am praying hard that your new bumps are not a return of your CCS….oh Bret and Shannon….how scarey! Know that there are so many praying for a great outcome….you are both so special.

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