Taking Over the Showroom Minivan

After a night of researching the left foot accelerator, it appeared as though the model that I wasn’t all that crazy about was really the only one on the market.  Therefore, if I ever wanted to drive legally again, this would be my only choice.  So Wednesday morning Shannon and I made another appointment at Autocrafting by Technistar to have it installed.  Fortunately they had a great waiting area with a huge cable TV and wireless internet.  It was while waiting that we met another customer John, who told us all about his disability, resulting outlook on life, and hobbies.  We really enjoyed spending the time with him and ultimately convinced him to try a seat in the trike designed for wheelchairs that we had been eyeing on our previous visit.  Seemed like a pretty good fit to me!

Bored with the waiting room, we moved to the backseat of one of the showroom minivans.  We took it over like kids in a fort and the only time we let the employees back in was when we closed out our bill.

For a while now we have been trying to make plans to play chess with Geof who works with Shannon at the University of Rochester, and finally made it happen Wednesday night.  Geof is a member of the Rochester Chess Club and a serious player, so I knew I was in trouble from the start.  But I tried not to let the intimidation get to me.  I thought I held my own, and at one point even had us both convinced that I had Geof in checkmate.  It wasn’t until we were replaying the last few moves that Geof found that I had falsely declared victory, so we continued from there and I lost in one of those games that comes down to every last piece.  Great game Geof, I look forward to the rematch.


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5 Responses to Taking Over the Showroom Minivan

  1. Aaron says:

    Love the picture of you and John! The extra time you have taken to reach out to coincidental passers-by and then highlighting the interaction has been great! How many people do we walk by everyday without even making eye contact? How much do we miss out on by not reaching out even for a second? You have had some great stories from the interactions.

    Thinking of you Bret! Thank you for continuing to post and letting us in! I SO look forward to seeing your posts everyday! Keep writing Brother.

  2. Pamela Tandy says:

    That trike is a game changer. Coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Great photos, ha ha!

  3. Jessica says:

    You can come hang out in our minivan anytime!

  4. Geof says:

    Bret and Shannon,
    Thanks for having me out-the C4 was great (chicken corn chowder & chess), but the company was even better. Of all the great moves you made that day, it seems like getting John on that bike was your best! Not recorded by the camera was my expression when Bret forked my rook and bishop with his knight and then when he almost check mated me.
    I definitely owe you a rematch-I am pretty sure we can get the chess board in that minivan, or perhaps we could mount the board on the trike with magnetic pieces and take the game on the road. Just let me know when and where you would like to play-Glacier gets my vote, but we will see, our house is always open.

  5. Uncle Lee and Aunt Sharon says:

    You definitely have the look of a writer in that first picture – pensive, intense, focused concentration……! No wonder your stories are so wonderfully engaging and pull us all right in to your subject! Very special!
    It’s also pretty neat that you reach out to others and share such special and interesting interactions from taking the time to do so. We all learn so much from what you write about your experiences.
    Looks like you two “kids” found a great solution to waiting room boredom by hanging out in that minivan”fort”! Reminds me of checking out all the campers displayed in a showroom when I was a kid and having to climb in each one and pretend they were my home!
    Thinking of you everyday and even though I haven’t posted in awhile, know you and Shanny are always in our thoughts and prayers. Sending you both much love always.

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