Sunday School

It was Sunday that I finally came around to posting the results of my biopsy.  From there I received a continuous stream of supportive and encouraging comments and emails that motivated me to refocus my energy.  Thank you all so much for your overwhelming support; it breaks me from my mental paralysis!  But with the cold, wet, and windy weather, I would claim one more day to stay in bed and watch American Experience.  We watched stories on both Geronimo and Franklin D. Roosevelt that would last the full day.  I’ve been addicted to these extremely well done documentaries relearning all of the history that I had either forgotten or missed the first time through.  I’ve always been interested in history, and found the perfect avenue for me to absorb it.  These documentaries have made me realize that a lot of the frustrating political trends of these times have actually gone on for centuries.   It sure has also been a good time to be alive in America.

For dinner, we took a break from our shows to run to Wegmans where we got the $6 meals; a definite bargain.  I always go for salmon with mashed potatoes and brusel sprouts and have not been disappointed yet.  Just as we finished dinner, we got a surprise visit from my cousins Katey and Mark.  We didn’t realize it, but Katey was in town for the weekend so it was great to catch her and Mark before she left to go back to New Orleans.  Two amazing people; I’m very proud of my cousins.


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8 Responses to Sunday School

  1. Emily says:

    Everyone who has been following Bret’s blog should go to this link…

    • Donald & Laurie Fox says:

      Emily – this form is such a great idea! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to contribute.

  2. Daniel West says:

    Bret: Over the last several months, I have smiled, laughed out loud, and even shed a few tears as i have read your blog and the comments others have sent along. I also think I may have even gained weight just reading about all the food you all have been experiencing! (Have to blame someone). And, although I have not commented on here very often, I did want to let you know that you are always in my (and my family’s) thoughts and prayers. Now at 60 years old, you have also inspired me to get a tattoo on my arm in your honor to remind me everyday that “this is my best day!” [my wife thinks (knows) that i have lost my mind]. I will send you a picture when I get it done. Now, I can’t close without giving some advice: “Whether you decide to get back on the road or not, enjoy your best day!!”

  3. heba says:

    Hi Bret,

    It’s been too long- Steve pointed me towards yor blog & I have been reading it in my downtime. I admire your strength, courage and positive attitude – and am hopeful that your spirit will carry your body to a full recovery- the power of positive thinking is a huge thing!!
    I would love to see you and Shannon- you should pay a visit to Steve, Tandy and me! Ed (my husband) and I have plenty of room and we would love to cook for you and visit ;). Please be in touch if you are down our way…

  4. Marianne Borrelli says:

    Glad to see you up and around and thinking about your next move. Very hard to motivate yourself with all the rain and chilly spring temperatures!!! I hear they even had to cancel the lilac festival!!!
    We are heading to Florida for Memorial Weekend. ?Thought I would give Aaron a call. Maybe he and the family would like to come to Eric’s new house and spend a day at the beach!!!! Maybe we can catch some sun finally!!!
    Love the picture of you Katie and Mark all smiling. That is your best day with many more to follow. Stay strong and follow your heart in what you want to do and accomplish. We love you.

  5. Don Cotton says:

    Brett- Such a bummer. I am so sorry for the crappy results. Life is so short, I am glad you are living it the best way you can.

    We have been dealing with tragedy lately. My sister in law recently took her own life, hard to put into words what that has been like. It really makes you question alot of things and forces you to look inside in a deep way. As I read through your blog I think of how strong your will to live is, and how hers had completely left her.

    Keep that inner flame strong pal – stay strong inside. Your strength is found in who and what is inside your soul, not in your physical body.

    Best of luck to you and your family Bret – tell you Mom I said hi!

  6. Carol Carey says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Shannon and your family. So sorry to hear the news that the cancer is back.It sure does sucks, but with you strength, will power and inspiration that you and Shannon have live still can be” riding in the right direction”. You have the most strength that anyone could have. Every time I read your blog I think of my sister who lost her battle with cancer with only having two weeks of life after being diagnosis, two years ago this month. You have given me alot to look at as to how life is dealt to us as God has only placed us here for awhile until he is ready to call us home. Just remember that you have us all to lean on. So do want you and Shannon do best, love one another and enjoy each other. Hope to see your on the road again to where ever your hearts takes you. Sending lots of love and hugs to you both.

  7. jean loughran says:

    Free concert series in Buffalo:
    Thursday, June 2nd – Lafayette Square, 5 – 9 pm

    Edward Sharpe &
    The Magnetic Zeros

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