Me & Shannon - Courtyard at 21 Rowley

Home - Pultneyville

Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Mom & Dad

The Ultimate FSU Fans

Ryan, Makiko, Evan, & Owen

My Family

Bailey - Best Pup Ever

Adventure Day

Monkey - Ashlyn


Me and the E-man

Grandma Auble

G & G Hoefen

21 Rowley Street - 1st House

Ryan's Secret Obsession

Me Snowboarding

Peglow Road

Peglow- Hay Barn

Peglow - Pond

Peglow - My Rock Wall

The Cousins

Cousin Jeff - On the AT

Thanksgiving, TN


16 Responses to Pictures

  1. Makiko says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I see that you caught Ryan red handed in that McD’s picture!

  2. bhoefen says:

    As much time as he spends there, it wasn’t too difficult. Do all cardiologists eat that many Big Macs?

  3. Aaron Hoefen says:

    It’s difficult to see Dad on the other side of that same McD’s table!!!

  4. Carolina DeHond says:

    Thanks for sharing your picture and family! We are so happy you have such a great support system!! Your nephew and nieces are adorable!

  5. Marianne Borrelli says:

    I admire your choices. Glad you can share this time traveling with your family. I will hold you close to my heart. THanks for sharing this adventure.Who cares if you get sappy!!! I’m still in shock that Ryan was eating a Big Mac! Love you!
    Auntie Cuz

  6. Uncle Kevin & Aunt Judy says:

    Don’t you think that your tattoo should say “Mom”?!!
    We love reading about your wonderful adventures. We are with you every step of the way.
    Love you all,
    UK & AJ

  7. Lynne (Aunt Judy's sister-in-law), Peter & David Hudak says:

    Hi Bret and family!
    You are having such an amazing adventure. Thank you for your wonderful blog. I feel like I’m traveling along with you! Sorry it’s been cold, but it beats what you left behind here in Rochester. Just wanted you to know that I think of you often and am praying for you every day. Keep riding, and enjoy the beautiful Keys! (Peter suggests trying Cuban conch salad)

  8. Jean Ann Drum says:

    We wish we would have know that you were making this trek as we live only about 3 miles from Lou’s Blues and we have visited there and have a great deal of fun there. Hope your journey is a safe and memorable one and we wish you God’s speed and you will be in our prayers and we will be anxious to hear how you are doing and about your adventures. Love Jean and Ernie

  9. Jerry Hoefen says:

    Nice bike bret,riding is closest thing to flying .I remeber when i bought mine back in 1976 so many good times memorys cherish forever . Hopefully someday ill fix it for good hand down to son joe . Hope all your dreams an wishes come true. Amazing how one moment in time can change our lives forever . An one moment time can last forever too like when we met our wife . t/c jerry hoefen

  10. Cousin Mike says:

    Ya know, somewhere I still have a picture of you and I wading in the reflection pool in Washington DC. Going to Ocean City, Maryland with you guys was one of the best trips of my life!
    Although a few years ago the secret service came looking for it, I managed to keep it hidden, along with my other weapons of mass destruction. When I find it, I’ll post it.

  11. Beth and Matt says:

    Love the pictures. You guys are always in our thoughts and prayers.

  12. Karen Cona says:

    I worked with you in Nuclear Engineering Services when you were first hired at RE Ginna. I thought you were a smart kid with a wonderful smile and I was disappointed when you left us to go to Ops. I’ve been following your CCS journey and have thought about you and prayed for you but never taken the time (not sure you’d remember me either) to let you know that your attitude toward your life is an inspiration to me. Sincerely, Karen

  13. Kristin Parker says:

    Hi Bret! I am Michelle’s best friend and I have been following your blog. (Love the food pics btw) I feel like we may have met at Michelle’s wedding? Michelle and Mario came to visit my husband and I in the adks this past weekend and I had a mix CD playing of my favorite songs. Edward Sharpe came on and she knew the song and she said that you liked the band too! I am going to see them in concert this Thursday in Buffalo. Not sure where you are right now, but if you are up for it, its a free concert starting at 6pm! I think of you often and continue to believe in your strength. You can do this. Take care (and maybe see you Thursday 🙂 Kristin

  14. JoEllen Fahy Schubmehl says:

    The wedding pics are my favorite….what a happy day!!!!

  15. Nanette Hance says:

    Every photo is my favorite because each tells it’s own story about the people in your life
    who bring you so much happiness. You are surrounded by so much love. Thank you for sharing your many photos … I feel like I know your wonderful family through them!

  16. Sue K. Hill says:

    Shannon and Bret, it is with a smile that I read of your wonderful trip and the pictures you shared and then with tears over the struggles you’ve had to endure. Though many years and miles separate us, I still remember the passion for life and energy you both brought to it. I pray for strength as you go through each hour of the day. Love You Both!!! Sue Hill

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